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@PBC Issue 2 22 March 2010


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@PBC Issue 2 22 March 2010

  1. 1. @ PBC Food for thought. There is a room in the library (which used to be the courtyard) which has been loosely named the “Shane Space.” The concept is an alternate and flexible learning space. Learn something. For example, consider; Students determining how the rom Currently the Learning Innovation Centre are conducting a number of after will be best set up for the designed school hours web conferences on the use of various devices for education. learning experience. Access to these can be gained by visiting the course calendar in the or; Learning Place. A conference dedicated to the iPod Touch has already allowing students to choose their level of comfort for the designed been completed. You can view the recording of the session here - learning activity. If required, the password will be touch. Use of this space is through application to Nigel Hughes. It is not a bookable space such as the computer rooms. There is currently no computer access in this room. More details will be released as the room is finalised. eLearning in action. Know the rules. Current school priorities reinforce the importance of literacy across the curriculum. Photographing or videoing There is an outstanding site called “The Online Writing Lab” which has extensive students. information on the structure of writing. The site provides specific information for a range of genres and writing skills, such as constructing arguments. The address for this site is Policy states that personal cameras (including phones) cannot be used for this purpose. Section 2.2.2 (b) of the Other useful sites allow the simple creation of literacy activities such as word finds and Code of Conduct forbids storage of crosswords. Most simply require you to enter a list of words to generate the worksheets. images of students on personal Try them out; cameras. This would also extend to other students’ cameras. Refer to corporate/codeofconduct/ respect_for_persons.html for more information. As a further challenge, direct your students to create literacy activity worksheets and use these in class. You could then appraise their literacy through creation of the resource.