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Games based learning in maths


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Establishment of a games based learning approach to maths.

Published in: Education
  • Your resources were amazing Jeevan. They were nothing like the material we received at school. Thanks Jeevan. They helped me get an A! ♣♣♣
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Games based learning in maths

  1. 1. Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second basewhile keeping your foot on first. Frederick Wilcox
  2. 2. ObjectiveKids enjoying Maths
  3. 3. Accountability Learning Achievement Potential teacher transfer (adaptability)
  4. 4. Marzano says step one to transformation of learning is toadopt an instructional framework Step 2; encourage teachers to engage. Step three; encourage teachers to share their ideasbased on how they engaged with the framework.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Gamification User level system Leaderboard Collaboration and competition Battles Quests Rewards
  7. 7. Game features Avatars Leaderboard Activity feed User profile
  8. 8. BenefitsEngagementIndependent adventureSafe environment to make errorsPeer teachingFriday period 4 is a lesson theylook forward to!!
  9. 9. Team teaching and planningExpanding in week 11 to include athird teacher
  10. 10. The killer app for 21stCentury learning is a focussed, reflective teacher. Leslie Healey