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Existing Campaigns categorised under Ottawa Charter


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Existing Campaigns categorised under Ottawa Charter

  1. 1. Existing Practices Aiming to Combat Reduced Physical Activity. Creating Developing Reorient Health Strengthening Building Supportive Personal Skills Services Community Healthy Public Environments Actions Policies  Fast Food  Get Activated  Creating  Jump rope for  National Walk to Playgrounds (ABC) Vaccines Heart Work Day  Parks, fields,  Aus Kick  Rehabilitation  Get Active  Compulsory playgrounds  GCCC Tai Chi services Program curriculum  Sport media  Little Athletics  Fun Run  Smart Moves coverage  Swim schools  Invitational  Eat Well Be  Exercise trails  Wii Fit training Active  Media  Curriculum  Special K 2  National campaigns (eg. Programs week plan Physical Activity New “Give you  School sport  Charity/sporting Guidelines kids alcohol” and programs events “Teach your kids  Centre for health  Popular media alcohol” ads promotion – construction of could be used for BATS, The gender, body reasoning) Human Race image and physical activity  Eat Well Be Active