Collaborative Guide To Writing The Research Report


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Collaborative Guide To Writing The Research Report

  1. 1. 1. Is it individual or groups? Research report - individual submission must be distinguishable difference in your recommendations. Project – group 2. What is the assignment about apart from physical activity? 3. Is it an individual survey or groups? Scrap! 4. Are we only allowed to use info from the wiki? no 5. Please explain in a nut shell what this assignment is about? one particular thing that stops kids from being physical active. 6. How do we structure it? (intro) 7. Can we have an extension? due dates – Friday 14th research report Friday 21st project
  2. 2. Expected response: Structural guide. Report sections and details - Identify the author, intended audience, submission Title page date, investigated health issue, report title and brief (one sentence) description as a minimum - Include each of the following sections, identifying page Table of contents numbers. Each section should start on a new page. - Summarise the main findings, conclusions and recommendations of the report. Abstract (This section will not contribute towards the word count 100-200 words of the report) - I looked at this. I discussed this. I recommended this. Background - Identify and describe the health issue. Explain why we did this investigation? - Inactive kids - It is a problem because it affects future health. It is a requirement of the health education course I am studying. Purpose - what can be done with the information within this report? - The purpose of the report is to inform the development and implementation of an action project that will Introduction advocate or enable increased physical activity levels in 50 – 200 words Gold Coast children and youth. Scope - list the issues covered by the report, such as influence of peers, influence of school etc. - brief outline of what you research. - identify any restrictions or limits within the data. Eg. adolescents only, urban vs. rural, socioeconomic status, etc. - primary data survey was scrappppped. - Question over the validity of resources accessed through the internet - Reliance on class members to provide accurate and informative summaries in the research wiki. - How was the data obtained? (will be supplied by Methodology teacher) - Discuss the data that has been gathered. Separate data sections would be appropriate. (eg. national Discussion / data, school data, strategy evaluation etc) Findings - DO NOT offer any opinion or reasoning in this section, 300 – 500 words however relationships between data should be established. - 1.sumary from the wiki
  3. 3. - 2. provide any further information - 3. identify any existing health promotion projects - 4. evaluate existing projects (social justice) - 5. any local/primary data - Appraise behaviours influenced by family. Categorise the behaviours as risk taking or health promoting behaviours. Conclusions - Validate the need for a health promotion strategy. 300 – 500 words - Needs to link clearly to findings. Why isn’t it working at the moment? - This section is where you can offer opinion. However, opinion must be supported by referenced research. - Formulate a strategy, which will assist your target group in making appropriate choices. Target specific Recommendations behaviours to change, and identify improved health 200 – 400 words outcomes possible through this change (quality of life, life expectancy). - clean copy of survey - data tables, graphs etc Appendices - media items - supportive materials - An accurate bibliography as set out on page 23 of your References student planner