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Uiit 1 s handi

  1. 1. Theme: A Day Tour in Lamma IslandSubject: EnglishGrade: S2Grouping: 4-6 students in a group1.1) Expected Learning Outcomes1. Learn about the History of Lamma Island • Learn about the History of Lamma Island through field trip and research project.2. Having a better use and understanding of IT • Students will be able to learn apply a lot of IT tools such as word, power point, internet search engines to complete their projects.3. Improve their four skills of English • By the end of the project, students should be able to apply reading, listening, speaking and writing skills of English in order to complete the project. For example, they need to read travel booklets, carrying out interviews with people living in Lamma Island and give an oral presentation at the end.4. Help students to acquire and develop their 9 generic skills • Students should be able to acquire and develop their 9 generic skills in the research process: o Communication skills o Critical thinking skills o Creativity o Collaboration skills o Information technology skills o Numeracy skills o Problem-solving skills o Self-management skills o Study skills5. Effective Reflection • Teachers will guide students to carry out personal reflection on their results at the end, it provides them with chances to reflect on their own learning。1.2) Timeline:-Students should submit the first draft of the proposal (200 words) on or before 11 April,2012.-Final written report (300 words) and oral presentation should be submitted and held on30 April, 2012.
  2. 2. Students’Prior Knowledge:1. Students’prior knowledge of Lamma Island2. Experience in carrying out group work3. Basic knowledge in IT4. Basic reading, speaking, writing and listening skills in English5. Experience in using the internet to search for informationPlanning and Implementation:Scaffolding:Students need to prepare power point presentations on the background of Lamma Island withthe use of: • Slideshare to show pictures • Pecha Kucha to carry out their power point presentation > Introduction on the use of power point to present the topics of: > history of a place > day tour of specific placeTime:7-8 weeksGrouping and requirement: • Grouping:4-6 students in a group • Theme: A Day Tour in Lamma Island • Task: Design a Day Tour in Lamma Island2.1)Expected Learning Outcomes/Products: 1. A written report 2. Group oral presentationAssessment:Assessment items: 1. Content and creativity 2. The use of IT 3. Language skillsAssessment Items: Items: Assessor(s) 1. Written report(Group) Teacher (40%) Teacher (20%) 2. Oral Power point Presentation(Group) Peers (10%) 3. Assessment for Group Members Group memebers (20%) 4. Self-assessment An individual student (10%)
  3. 3. Suggested content and format: Presentation Items Written description Pictures Others:e.g.videosLamma Island • History ☆ ☆ ☆ • Traditions • Living places ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Day Tour • Scenic spots ☆ ☆ ☆ • Activities • Restaurants • Souvenirs ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆* The content above are only suggestion topics, if students have their own preferences they can discuss with the teacher。 Remarks: 1. Students should show their language proficiency in both written and spoken presentations. 2. Project should be filled with sufficient content. 3. Project should reflect students’organization skills. 4. Students should demonstrate a good use of IT tools and knowledge in the project. 5. Power point presentations should have both words and pictures.2.2) Timeline: 2 lessons will be arranged for students to carry out preparation work,students should have finished the following tasks by 20 April 2011.-Construct the first draft of the proposal (100 words)
  4. 4. -Oral report on progress-Submission of interim proposal (150 words)-Design a questionnaire for interviews in Lamma Island3.1) Learning OutcomesEach group will demonstrate their learning progress with the use of digital presentation:E.g 8-10 pages of power point presentation, 10-15 minutes.P.1 CoverP.2 IntroductionP.3-5 Lamma Island ActivitiesP.6-7 Lamma Island famous restaurantsP.8 SouvenirsP.9 Transport routesP.10 Group/personal reflection*Students can make use of Pecha Kucha and slideshare to carry out their presentations3.2) TimelineEach group is required to submit a final report (300 words) and carry out a grouppresentation on 30 April, 2012.Stage Activities ICT elements have ICT elements have been used by teacher been used by studentsStage 1 Drafting proposal T. teaches ss how to Microsoft word & use word & excel to excel draft proposalStage 2 Research on 1. T. teaches ss how 1.Internet search Lamma Island to search engines: e.g. information of google/yahoo Lamma Island by using internet search engines. 2. online mind-map 2.T. teaches how .to software(e.g. group their info with bubblus) use of online mind- map(e.g. bubblus)
  5. 5. Stage 3 Prepare for power T. teaches ss how to point presentation add/edit sound and images to ppt with online software: 1.Sound edit: Magnatune 1.Sound edit: Magnatune 2. Image edit: flickr. Sumo paint, picnic 2. Image edit: flickr, etc. Sumo paint, picnic etc. 3.Video edit: Jaycut 3.Video edit:jaycutStage 4 Peer evaluation T. teaches ss how Online blog: Viviti share their work and opinions with the Online discussion use of online blogs tool: wallwisher and forum. E.g. Viviti, wallwisherStage 5 Report writing T. teaches ss how to Microsoft excel summarize their data in the written report with the use of excel.Reference:Viviti http://viviti.com/Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/Flickr http://www.flickr.com/JayCut http://jaycut.com/Sumo Paint http://www.sumopaint.com/app/Magnatune http://magnatune.com/bubbl.us http://www.bubbl.us/Picnik http://www.picnik.com/