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Reflective statement


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Reflective statement

  1. 1. ITCE Requirement II-IIT 2. Reflective statement of how ICT helps students’ learning Students’ learning has been facilitated by educational software and digital resources in a very large extent. There are a number of educational software available in the market and I found them are very useful in students’ learning and teachers’ teaching. For example, there are a lot of “drill-and-practice” software and web site available in the market which can provide free and interactive online practice for students; there are websites such as typing tutor and grammar tutor, they can provide extra and interesting practice for students. There are stimulations software available which can provide an experimental learning context for students to apply their skills learnt in the lessons. They can also get a better understanding of abstract concepts through simulative tasks. Besides, there are a lot of computer-based tutorial available. These programs provide scaffolding guidance for students to complete specific tasks. Interactive learning methods such as audio, animations or hyperlinks are often employed to facilitate students’ learning. Some of them also have question and answer section to provide feedback and further support. Apart from these education softwares, I found that using instructional games in the lesson can often stimulate students’ interests. Online games like crossword puzzle, jigsaw reading and bingo often require students to match a word with the right definition. This can help students to learn new words or strengthen their understanding of the words they have learnt; most importantly it looks fun and easy, this can often help to enhance students’ interests in vocabulary learning. When students need to group projects or presentations, they can always find useful resources or materials online. A lot of free audio, videos, articles, journals or guidelines can be search by searching engines such as yahoo and google. After they have completed their projects or presentations, they can always share their work with the others through online platforms such as intranet, blackboard, online forum, facebook, etc. All of these free platforms for students to share their work, interact and provide feedback for each other, it helps students to further develop the subject content. Apart from the online resources, I found e-learning, teaching-packages and electronic
  2. 2. books(e-books)are very useful to facilitate students’ learning. Unlike the traditional textbooks, e-books provide strong scaffolding exercises for students, this can help students who are slow in learning. The answers of the exercises are easily obtained, students can get the answers right after they clicked the answer button. This help to facilitate the speed of learning as it is very efficient. Besides, powerpoints and reference articles are always available, this provide extra resources to facilitate students’ learning of the subject taught.