Itce requirement ii iit-3


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Itce requirement ii iit-3

  1. 1. The target audience of the lesson is a group of S1 students from a CMI secondary school. The key objective of the lesson is to teach students how to write a simple self- introduction and further develop the writing lesson into a speaking lesson. In this lesson, I used power point, slideshow, video and online based homework to teach students how to write a self-introduction. I began my lesson by using the technique of self-disclosure. A did a self-introduction of myself using powerpoint and showed some of my photos by using slideshow. I found this kind of digital resources are very convenient and easy to use. When students view this kind of content such as teacher’s personal pictures, they often show strong sense of interests as students are usually having strong sense of curiosity by nature. This is especially helpful of there are global learners in the classroom, who are learning better with visual aids, songs, stories and abstract ideas. Those students can acquire the knowledge better if the subject content is delivered by graphics and tables. In the writing and speaking part, most of the students could follow the guidelines provided in the powerpoint to write and tell their own personal introduction. When I asked of there were any volunteers could come out and introduce him or herself, students responded actively and there were a few came up and gave several good self- introductions. When the practice part finished, I played a model self-introduction from youtube, the whole class became quiet and watched the video. I found that the advantages of showing video in class are: 1.To catch students’ attention 2. To reinforce the subject taught in a casual and relaxing way. I found this kind of reinforcement is quite good as it helps students to revise what they have learnt in an unconscious way, this helps to plant the things in their memory. At the end of the lesson, I assigned students to finish writing an online self- introduction at the following website: In this website, there is a sample self-introduction structure to let students to follow. The only thing students need to do is to fill in blanks with their specific details, then the website will generate different versions of self-introduction automatically. Students need to copy the generated text into word files and send them back to me. Most of the students in class think the assignment was interesting and easy to do. The turn in rate of the assignment was very high as well. This helps students to strengthen their understanding in an interesting way.