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Bit 2

  1. 1. The target audience of the lesson is a group of S5 students from a CMI secondary school. The main objective of the lesson is to introduce the reading technique: reading and skimming. At the beginning of the lesson, I introduce the meaning of the reading techniques of skimming and scanning through powerpoint. The reason for using powerpoint to introduce the main topic is: it can often arouse students’ interest simply by turning on the computer and projector. One of the observations in my teaching practice, teenagers can be easily attracted by visual aids such as powerpoint. By using this tool, I can catch students’ attention very easily. Besides, videos and audio can be put into powerpoint as well. This can make the powerpoint more interesting and attractive. The use of different backgrounds, font sizes, font styles and text colour can help me to put emphasis on the important words; it especially helpful when I need to illustrate abstract ideas or concepts in class. By using powerpoint,students need not to copy the things written by me in class, I can send them the powerpoint after class so that they can fully concentrate in listening to me in class. In the middle of the lesson, students need to complete the worksheets of skimming and scanning given my me. I used the word document to design the word sheet as it is very convenient and easy to use. It is convenient to add words and graphics into the word by simply type in it or through copy and paste. Unlike PDF files, word documents are amendable. Whenever I found any mistakes in the worksheet, I can change it easily. In class, I can always show students questions and answers by using word document and projector. This can save me a lot time as I need not to write these things on blackboard. I can always send these worksheets to students’ emails as their assignments. Students can finish their work at home and send them back to me. After I have finished marking, I can send their work back to them through email. It is fast and efficient. At the end of the lesson, I assign the class to finish an online reading task at home; after they have finished the task, they need to post and share their opinion on an online platform, the e-platform. In this way, it provides an authentic task for students to practice what they have learnt in the lesson. Students can exchange opinion through e-platform; teacher can get students’ feedback from the e-platform as well. Therefore, it facilitates both students’ learning and teacher’s teaching.