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Measuring Big Social data to make safe bets on audiences


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Presentation at Asia Media Summit, Kuala Lumpur, May 2015

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Measuring Big Social data to make safe bets on audiences

  1. 1. Measuring Big Social data to make safe bets on audiences Sandra Hanchard Big Data Malaysia AIBD Asia Media Summit, May 2015
  2. 2. Ubiquity of social media in everyday life in Malaysia • Widespread adoption & embedded in everyday activities • Frequency of use and diverse contexts for access • TNS: 62% MYL users access social media networks daily, vs 42% globally • Regarded as “important” for information, communication & social needs • Peer-validated content: information pushed from peers (vs. ‘pull’ of third-party platforms)
  3. 3. Online preferred distribution & consumption environment • Tech-savvy, binge-viewers • VPNs easier to use with mobile apps • Telcos market on speed of downloads • Promise of (legal) global content in SEA via mobile (iFlix) • Tools for streaming video; Chromecast via retail • Online 1st choice for content producers
  4. 4. Knowable audiences • Demographics & Geo-segmentation • Behavioural collected across ad-networks • Real-time opinions & sentiments • Meta data: social tagging, hashtags
  5. 5. Social inherent in all online platforms Source: March, June 2014
  6. 6. Metrics: benchmarking & behavioural research tools Attention Lithium BrandsEye Politweet BrandWatch Radian6 Collective Socialbakers Competition Spiral16 Cymfony Spreadfast Datasift StatsIT GNip Topsy HeartBeat Trackur Hootsuite Twelvefold Webtrends Internet measurement Hybrid methods: • Site-centric • Panel • ISP Experian, Nielsen, Comscore, Effective Measure, Compete etc. Social media analytics
  7. 7. Making safe bets on content with telemetrics & Social TV
  8. 8. What does DataViz offer? • Exploration - inspecting for unexpected trends • Explanation -communicating to decision makers • Big data accessible for non-technical users • E.g. Tableau • No wizards or scripts • Drag and drop: analyze data on the fly • Free publishing options & dashboards • E.g. Gephi • Open source • Intuitive and interactive
  9. 9. Data-viz-centric broadcasters
  10. 10. Dataviz & analysis tools: can be affordable investment Credit:
  11. 11. Data-centric means finding Data Science talent • Government & MOOC partnerships (e.g. MDEC data science cert. with John Hopkins) • Education institutions offering Master of Data Science programs • Increasing focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) • Data and technical literacy becoming mandatory for media & coms graduates • Community groups e.g. Big Data Malaysia
  12. 12. 5 Takeaways 1. Adapt media formats for timely release online Media-rich content consumption preferences are moving online 2. Listen & interact Audiences are leaving an online trail of cues about their everyday habits, preferences & opinions 3. Make safe bets on content Become data-centric through measurement tools and services 4. Explore & explain trends with data visualization Dataviz makes big social data accessible 5. Find the right [data] talent Malaysia ICT is gearing up Data Science capabilities
  13. 13. Twitter: @sandrahanchard Join our community to tap into Big Data talent