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  1. 1. Q1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. CONVENTIONSFollows the forms of conventions of how horrormovies are presented because safest option asits recognized by the audience. Don’t want toconfuse the audience by sending a mixture ofmessages.Hand held camera, sound, supernaturalghost, used in films like Paranormal Activitywhich is similar to mine.
  3. 3. USESinister musicDark lighting4 Sound Codes: silence, music, sound, speechVillainVictimsettingSimilar to Paranormal Activity, The Ring
  4. 4. DEVELOPCharacters – Role of supernatural ghost is playedby a female actress, not using male gazeUse of camera – Tilted, panning to get the POVof the actors expressions, low anglesSet location- home found in many horror movieslike Grudge