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Presentation1 media work


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Presentation1 media work

  1. 1. SynopsisZahir Khan (George) was born in Pakistan who had already got married there to aMuslim lady before he immigrated to Britain, falling in love with Ella, a Caucasian andthen married her. Eventually became the father of six sons and one daughter. Georgewanted his children to follow the Islamic tradition, and would parcel them in the"Masjid van" every Friday for prayers. Arguments with Ella are one-sided and alwaysend when he threatens to bring "Mrs. Khan“ wife number 1 from Pakistan. His eldestson, Nadir, comes to know that his dad was going to arrange his marriage and runsaway from home. George disowns him - all the more when he finds that Nadir is gayand is living with a male. While the children have all settled down in the communityand have had their respective romantic flings, they do not know that their father hasplans to marry off two of his sons to two Pakistani sisters. Nevertheless, the familyprepare themselves, and the two sons are introduced to these women. Afterrecovering from the initial shock of seeing the women face to face, the family settlesdown, leaving Khan to negotiate the details. Noticing that the apartment was verysmall, the brides mother proposes that both boys should settle in their house aftermarriage. Chaos takes over and the manner in which the overbearing Khan attemptsto bring his family in line - or at least tries to. Ella makes a stand in front of everyone,slowly this is when George realises whats more important to him, his reputation orhis family.
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  3. 3. Production History• East Is East is based on the play of the same name by Ayub Khan-Din, which opened at the Royal Court Theatre in 1997.• Remarkably successful for a low-budget comedy (£1.9 million budget), grossing £10 million in the UK and more than $4.1 million in US cinemas, plus being a big hit across Europe.• Released on video and DVD, it made £12.3 million in UK rentals alone.• In France, the film was called Fish and Chips: la comédie qui croustille! ("Fish and Chips: the crunchy comedy!"). Lol• Won many awards including BAFTAs and best director nominations etc: the list is too long, but you get the idea• Sequel made to it in 2010, West is West and directors are planning for a third movie.
  4. 4. Controversy and Reviews• One of the main controversy the film caused that it was inflaming a fake of the Middle East.• Film 4 is a sponsor for the film, most of their users found the film hilarious. Many of its reviews and comments are either the film being funny or just a hilarious comedy to watch.• Other review sites such as Total review have viewers commenting on how the film educates families can talk about the cultural heritages that are important to them and how they balance that with the pressure to assimilate. They should also talk about how husbands and wives from different backgrounds create a home that respects both of them, and how people sometimes live with compromises that may seem intolerable to others.
  5. 5. The father in this film is just as eager and loving as any fatherfrom any background or belief. He wants the best for hischildren even though he may come across as an arrogant selfcentred man. Do you think this man is trying to hard in his role of being afather by setting out the rules and showing his family a pathwayfor them to be successful in life?Is it that the society we live in shifts they way people are judgedbased on different lifestyles and culture?Maybe people would change their views about what they thinkof Muslim households.
  6. 6. What do you think?Do you agree with how the film makers portray this household as a “ Muslim household”OrDo you think that the film makers have taken a step too far with all the gimmicks in the film and maybe sending out a wrong message?
  7. 7. IdentityThe theories which East is East can be linked with is with Grandzero founder, of what is identity? East is East shows how twodifferent traditions can cause some mix up in finding a identity.The film definitely challenges the conventions because of the wayits presented. Another theory it can be contrasted with isorientalise.