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Audience 1234


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Audience 1234

  1. 1. Audience Profile1. Both Genders2. Teenagers (13- 19)3. All backgrounds
  2. 2. Changes1. Aimed at only the female gender, because ofmarket research2. Still aimed at young people, 11-203. Film uses Asian background ethnic group,only because it challenges conventions andbecause audience preferred something new
  3. 3. The “Fear” FactorMarket research showed that majority of myaudience enjoyed watching films likeParanormal Activity, SAW, Blair Witch, Twilight.From this I learnt that my audience like to watchhorror movies with fantasy elements.This could be because of their physiographic,the seek to be aspires and curious.
  4. 4. The demographics my target audience fit in is inE, this is because they are mainly students.I also learnt from a focus group that, they enjoyand strive a thrill and suspense when watching ahorror movie. This was something important forme to take on board because my film was ahorror movie.
  5. 5. RadioFor the radio to link with the film, I used variousmusic and sound elements. For example, theharsh sound of the wind blowing below thestaircase creates a sinister effect, setting tensionin the atmosphere which the audience can linkwith the character’s feelings.
  6. 6. SoundI added silence within the trailer to build up thestoryline and fear within the trailer. It also helpsto narrate the story and events which takesplace within the film. This is so that theaudience are intrigued with what’s happeningwithin the plot.
  7. 7. MusicThe type of music which my radio trailer has isupbeat, fast pace. It also starts of with the samepiece of music used within the film when thesupernatural ghost appears. This is to show therelevance between the two medians.
  8. 8. PosterThe Poster is designed using the sameconventional elements which the horror genrealready uses. For example, the dark coloursemphasise scare, easy for the audience toidentify.
  9. 9. The main focal image is the main character’s headtilted behind her shoulder looking behind at thedark shadow. This is to make it easy for theaudience to identify who and what are the maincharacters in the film.Text are used, this is the title of the film, directors,actors release date, tag line, production company.To provide only the necessary and importantinformation as I can to get the audience’s attention,but not overloading it.