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Foundation design part_1


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Reinforced concrete foundation

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Foundation design part_1

  1. 1. Foundation DesignChapter 8
  2. 2. Introduction Foundation is a part of structure which interfaces the superstructure to the adjacent zone of soil or rock below it. The purpose of having a foundation is to transfer the superstructure loads to the underlying soil or rock without overstressing the soil or rock.
  3. 3. Introduction The three basic requirements of a satisfactory foundation. ◦ The foundation must be properly located with respect to any future influences which could affect its performances. ◦ The foundation, including the soil below it, must be stable and safe from failure. ◦ The foundation must not settle sufficiently to damage the structure.
  4. 4. Types of Foundation Shallow Foundation ◦ Shallow foundations are used to transmit the loads of the superstructure to the adjacent soil below it. The types of shallow foundation available are pad foundation, strip foundation and raft foundation.
  5. 5. Deep Foundation Deep foundations are used to transfer the structural loads to a deeper soil strata and when the soils are subjected to scour. The different types of deep foundations available are: ◦ piles, ◦ piers and ◦ caissons.
  6. 6. Pad Foundation Design
  7. 7. Pad Footing
  8. 8. Pad Footing
  9. 9. Pad Footing
  10. 10. Pad Footing
  11. 11. Pad Footing
  12. 12. Pad Footing