Choose your own technology adventure


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Choose your own technology adventure

  1. 1. Click To BeginYour Journey Toward New Learning
  2. 2.  During this journey you will be faced with difficult decisions. Please read through your choices, then click on the button to guide your path. Be careful! All routes lead to fun, but also hard work. Great things may be achieved. GOOD LUCK! Now click on the road.
  3. 3. Whimsical: You want to get there and see what happens. Click here: Technical: Plotting your course, using tools to guide you. Click here: Bungee Jump: Hook me up NOW! Click here:
  4. 4. Do you wish you could Would you like to run with stop time and just watch the wolf, following it it for a while, absorbing through the woods? every detail? If this is yourIf this is your choice, click choice, click on this wolf: on this wolf:
  5. 5. Draw anime or write a Create an artistic rendering graphic novel? Click from digital photos? on the little emo guy: Click below:
  6. 6.  Use , or or any tool you find on the Web. Take screenshots or digital photos of each square. Upload to Animoto, Voicethread or use Photostory to complete your project.
  7. 7. • Create works of art from your digital photos.• Upload as a show in Animoto or Glogster or use them along with a story in Voicethread.
  8. 8. Animation: Are you great Gaming: Ready to make at Scratch and ready to your own? Click below: take it to the next level? Click on Alice:
  9. 9.  Alice & Storytelling Alice are more advanced animation programming tools, similar to Scratch and also created at MIT. The best way to learn about Alice is to go through the tutorial. To view the Alice tutorial, launch Alice and click on the "Start the Tutorial" button in the Welcome to Alice dialogue box. The best way to learn about Storytelling Alice is to download the intro brochure.
  10. 10.  Gamemaker was created by YoYo Games . The best way to learn to use Gamemaker is to go through the tutorial. It is recommended to use the Simple mode when you are learning to use Gamemaker. The Gamemaker tutorial will automatically launch when you start the program in “Simple” mode. More tutorials can be accessed by clicking on the Help menu and then choosing “more tutorials”.
  11. 11.  …can’t resist the  …hop on a giant slide scooter and head downstairs. straight to meet Accidentally, you founders Larry land in the middle Page and Sergey of a meeting where Brin. You just team members are can’t wait to fighting Gladiator- discuss Googles style for mission. inspiration. YES!
  12. 12.  Processing is an open source  Simple is a free, beginner- programming language and friendly programming language. environment for people who want  Simple is free to download. to program images, animation,  Learn Processing beginning at and interactions. Processing is free to download. OR the getting started page: Learn Processing by going through m/New/intro/index.htm. the tutorials at  Proceed on to the Tutorial. .
  13. 13. Create a game and publish it for Apple or Android. The best way to learn to use GameSalad is in the cookbook which includes download instructions and a downloadable manual. It’s a short trip for you! Get Going, Get Started!