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  • digital marketing plan

    1. 1. Digital Media Plan Outline Outside The Lines (OTL) Song writing company is songwriting from the future. We are fully committed to finding songwriters that coexist as our consumers but also to training them to mold their compositions into professional songs ready to face the real world. We provide songs of all genres, Hip Hop, Rap,Tech-no, Reggae, R&B, Rock, Punk, Pop, Metal, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Jazz, Blues, Bachata, and, Meringue (Ti-pico). Any Popular genre of todays music that you can find on an urban or popular music station, we will provide for our customers. What we do as a company is to take raw and uncensored talent and craft it to the best it can be and get it to the mainstream. We then listen to input from the consumer and see how we can improve upon any dislike by way of new talent, remixes and fusions between genres. Here at Outside The Lines we are in the business of songwriting for the customer not the radio stations. We compete with Major record labels as well as work with them at the same time because of their need for good songs and our ability to produce them. But at the same time every company such as Sony, Warner, EMI, and Universal all own their own songwriting combines which creates fierce competition. They are the 4 major labels which each have separate songwriting companies which are part of their cycle to make one brand work for another. None the less we will still need each other to survive because our fresh out their spirit which takes a chance on new ideas in music and their critical, strict, trend operation which would fail on its own.
    2. 2. Situation Analysis 2008/11/twitter-logo.jpg wp-content/uploads/2007/02/ a. Describe your WindowsLiveWriter/ YoutubedealwithCBSfallsapart _1B74/logo%20youtube %5b8%5d.jpg marketing strategy a.We will use the web in order to market yahoo_logo_c.gif my music an songs. I will do this through using websites, Youtube, google_logo.jpg Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Banners, Wikipedia, Blogs, Vlogs, and Podcast. b.Through analyzing our competetiors and looking at top keywords and search methods, we will be the top songwriting site available to consumers.
    3. 3. b. Describe your target market; Who is your audience, how do they use Internet technology and where do they spend their time online? • Are main or target audience would have to be anyone from ages 12 to 50 which are most of the people submerged in the digital music age. Though the digital age does target young Americans ages 12- 34 we will reach a little further. These are the people that we know that are going to log on to our website an hear our latest compositions, sign up for our song writing competitions, or come to our open mic nights. They are the people who can be that technologically savvy as well as mobile and hungry enough to want their own type of music on the radio. c.This audience is complied with people who are grew up using the internet for everything. They use internet technology to listen to music, to network, to socialize and to work and to school work, in short, the internet is the center of communication for this audience. They are constantly on websites like “Myspace”, “Facebook”, which have a popular network for music artist and and blogging on and vlogging (or video blogging) on “Youtube”, which is another essential part of their world because it is a place for new talent to showcase their music for free and get maximum exposure all over the internet from it. This is also the generation that uses and Ipod or an Iphone for everything, constantly downloading music on the internet. That is a fact that is very important to the company, this target market loves exposure to new types of music and these days it does not matter if it comes from major labels or independent labels because the internet offers them both options.
    4. 4. c. Describe your competition; who are your competitors and how are they currently marketing/promoting themselves online? “Sony ATV” is one of our biggest competitors. They are a merger of “ATV” and “Sony music” which is a major label. Online they have a “Youtube channel” which I feel is essential to the growth of most entertainment channels, in order to keep consumers updated. It is listed under Sony Music Entertainment on “Youtube”. What they also have is a news feed on their site telling you a bout new events and the success of their songs as well as certain articles which have to do with their writers. You would also think because it is “Sony” that they have all their biggest selling artist exposed all over their website but actually what they show cases are pictures of the writers, especially the singer songwriters. For example they will show Linda Perry but be playing the Christina Aguilera song that she wrote, “Keeps Getting Better”, in the background. the site is also separated into what type of genre you are looking for and gives you not only a list of writers but a list of hits which they have made recently. You can do a music search, you can contact them and y u can also sign up to receive constant updates from them, when you register on the site. There is also “The singer’s studio”, they are a professional song writing company. There is really not much visual marketing included besides pictures of people playing different instruments. They give you contact information and they tell you who are artist they have worked for and you can also register to receive updates from the site. They also keep you updated on events and productions and tell you what their process of talent development is. Besides the artist that are popular that they have wrote songs for, they have their own featured artist on the side, which is something that my company wants to do. Than there is “Speedy 4 life Entertainment” which is a Songwriting company also. Their are not graphics on the page what so ever, in fact the website is in black and white print. They keep it short and simple and they just tell you about themselves, the genres of music they write, and how you can get into contact with them. There is also a songwriting group called “Songfellowz”. They just give a list of songs they have wrote and their background and also any press info which is necessary to keep up with them. They also provide the songs on the website which they have made for you to listen to.
    5. 5. Campaign Objectives Marketing 1.)Street teams (We will personally go out, using the means of flyers, street representation, as well as scouts in order to find new talent) 2.)Open Mike Nights. (we will utilize all facilities that hold raw and young talent especially even if untrained. This way we will get a better idea of what everyone is listening to, opinions on what should be being played as well as finding the next trend.) 3.)College music centers and record stores (with the support of these organizations with promotion, they will send us new talent) 4.) Using the internet to post a website as well as a Facebook and Myspace page. Using Radio and Television Advertisement in order to find new talent and promote ourselves. We might use a big record player in times square playing a broken record and have a live person on it spinning around dancing to it and the broken record sounds good still. It speaks to a breakaway from convention and perfection and it will turn heads.
    6. 6. a. What are the sales and/or promotional objectives of this campaign? Some objectives which we have are definitely geared towards the promotion and sales of our songs, not to mention, to getting the maximum exposer to our singer-songwriters. a.One of the first campaign objectives is to develop a great following and fan base for our company and the music that we write. What we plan to do is develop a large community in which we can share new music with, gain feedback on popular songs, and on the artist, which we are developing.
    7. 7. a.Pay per click a.This is something that will be important to us when monetizing on “Youtube and when we get our musical material on different sites. When talking about “Youtube”, my team realizes that it is a very powerful tool in the marketing business. What we would do was make our business channel which featured music videos and songs written by our artist and than we would partner with “Youtube” so that as we gained subscribers we would be able to show more advertisements and get paid for showing our artist videos.( musicians-using-facebook-myspace-youtube-more/) The videos will not be shown on any other “Youtube” channel, besides ours and the Label which any of our artist have gone off to sign with. We can also use this to see fan reviews or fan comments. (http:// facebook-myspace-youtube-more/)Monetization is a very powerful advertising gimmick when used right. We could also do video promotions or interviews and television appearances which people missed of our artist and put them on “Youtube”. ( using-facebook-myspace-youtube-more/) b.The way we will use the pay per click tool with other websites is by putting up pictures of artist that we have written songs for and saying, do you like this artist or asking them a question like, who is this artist? and when they go to answer, it will automatically lead them to our site. When they click on an answer to one of these questions, it should automatically lead them to a survey which should be quick an easy to fill out. The survey will ultimately let us get to know the viewer better and what they are looking for in terms of music.
    8. 8. a.Getting the proper communication channels. Now what “OTL” wants to do is make sure that we develop the proper channels to communicate with our consumers. We need the referrals in order to make our site more popular and get well known, so that we can find the maximum talent which is necessary for us to gain new artist as well as a bigger fan base. Sites like “Youtube”, “Facebook”, “Myspace”, and “Twitter” are perfect for reaching the fan base which we are trying to get through to. On side of some of these websites we could put a banner that ask the question if they want a record deal, but have the link when they click on it lead to our website, just to get traffic going there. •
    9. 9. ( Youtube Marketing Banner indicating where you can buy Subscribers the music at Company Profile Where viewers will give feedback and leave Live music preview or Where we will comments new song releases in advertise more the form of a video PPC update
    10. 10. promotions a.We will need some kind of newsletter to the people that do sign up and register on our landing page so that we are constantly keeping them updated. This way they can see when we are having a show or when we are doing a promotion and that way we can get a large audience at our shows and make some money off of touring that would not have normally made. b.We want to make the site and the sign up as easy as possible so that we get subscribers or consumers as fast as possible. There should be a lot of things that draw them in like music they like being offered in the promotion, if we send them free mp3s for signing up or free posters of artist we have promoted that would be a good deal for them because than they would be getting something out of signing up. It will be one page and as short and simple, all they will have to do is enter their email address along with a password. c.We plan to make this process simple for people who want to submit songs as well. All they will have to do is tell us wether it is copywritten or not yet, if they click no, it will automatically not let them past their song on to platform, but if they click yes it will give us the song, easily, by copy and pasting in a note to us on our website. But for songwriters we will need a little more background information if we like the song, in which case we will email them. If they want to perform the song there will be a second space where they can upload a “Youtube” video to us, so that we can se their artist ability or how well the song is put together.
    11. 11. Creative Strategy a. What is the message and creative strategy of this campaign? a.The message and creative strategy of this campaign is to show how fun and easy it is to make music and to show how important it is for independent and underground music to be exposed to everyone so that it is as popular as mainstream music. The creative strategy is to reach out to this younger generation which is our target market and provide them with constant resources to new music via “Myspace”, “Youtube”, and“Facebook”. Than what we will do is let them Vlog, by sending video responses to what they thing of a new song or artist or blog about it in our online Blogspot or what they can also do is tweet about it on our twitter. •
    12. 12. b. How does this strategy support the overall marketing strategy of your business? b.The feed back from this strategy will prove to be important to us because it will show us what is selling and what is not and it will show us what areas we have to fix and what to keep. You are getting direct feedback from you main audience so it is important that you listen to what they have to say. This will help us because we will make it easy for them to share links or videos with friends so that we will get a wider review on what works and it will help us to know what to market to this generation on a better level. •
    13. 13. c. How does your campaign’s message and creative strategy address the needs of your target market? • It addresses the needs of my target market because they want to see something which is familiar to them which is social networking mixed with the music of today. If I find a proper way to infuse both of those media outlets than it will be very easy to draw costumers in. The way that this generation finds new music is through word of mouth sometimes and with this new technology of social networking it is like a new version of that technique. Sometimes you can become a fan on “Facebook” of a style of music or an artist and everyone will see that in you feed and they will click on it, to find out more, thus making your site more popular. They will be offered the chance to view and give feedback on the new music which is taking their generation by storm. They need to have control in an industry where 10 years ago the type of music that they were listening to was something that was picked out for them. •
    14. 14. ( Facebook example a place for them to listen to our music Where we will place ppc adds feed from subscribers
    15. 15. Media Mix i.Organic Search/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) i.Organic Search will help us because if we make sure that we are coming up first on on a list of sites when they type in songwriting and publishing company than people will get the message that we are among the best in the business and want to see what we have to offer. If people in this particular target group get word of us though one of our social media outlets than they will want to know more and we have to make it so that our main website as will as any other type of site that will give a costumer information us is going to appear when they search for it.
    16. 16. i.Wikipedia is a good site to be on simply because many people use wikipedia to get educated on something which they did not know about. If someone wanted to know about our company or artist and songs than they could go to Wikipedia. We would also lock the page so that none would be able to mess with any of our content ii.This is also a good because it is free and it doesn't take any money out of our marketing budget c.What we also need is a main website set up so that people can register for updates and newsletters and see what we are about and the kind of artist that we work with. e. When talking about my company website, I find that this is one of the best places to advertise, for a small fee of 10 dollars a month I will get a domain name and a webmaster which will post everything from photos of my artist and writers, as well as list hits that they have written with lyrics attached. I would definitely put music on my website but make sure that others could not copy it and that they could only stream it and not download it. On there, there would also be music videos, done by my song writers, fan contact an review blogs as wells updates to what my artist are working on next.(http:// I could also use for a starters fee of 9.99 per month or site like for $3.95 per month
    17. 17. Website Example Newsletter page with events and promotions Contact easy to join mailing list (
    18. 18. ii.Paid Search ii.We will have to use paid search to our advantage, but what we will do is use search words at a low cost. We will need paid search words like free music download and the word mp3. I found them to be among the most clicked on or searched for when it comes to music searches.(http:// iii.Promotion and PR iii.Promotion and PR will go and in hand in getting our campaign of the ground. We will need the press release to make us sound innovative and young, just like the target audience is. We will need it to speak to people and we will need to put it on every social media outlet possible and get it sent to others through a series of referrals. This is also where customer reviews will help us look better to others interested in our services. iv.Most of the budget is spent here. A proper P.R. person could cost us up to 120,000 dollars annually, if we get them to do P.R. on the web as well as outside. This may include articles about our company which will not only appear in magazines but on the magazines websites and and in news papers, which could be as little as 2,000 dollars per add, but the review is worth it.
    19. 19. iv.Display advertising (banners, pop-ups, etc) iv.Banners are also something which we can use to our advantage. They are like a form of quick advertising used on all the sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. If you click on the banner it should lead you to either our website or a link to our artist and a place to buy the music. They will give a caption or a headline with a nice photo that represents us, but it has to be interesting so that people will take the time to click on it. v.At first I did not want to use pop ups because many people just discard them or they find a way to block them, but I figure if we put a popup of their favorite artist and a link to where they can either get to listen to their music for free for filing out one our surveys or get a special deal of some kind, than people would eventually click on it. •
    20. 20. Myspace Example Banners, where we can place PPC on also music which is ( available for downloading Links to similar websites Videos from Youtube which leads to a Youtube link as well as a company Biography and Blog on the side fans as well as fan comments, they can tell us what they think of our music
    21. 21. v.Social Media Facebook is another good side to market online with. We can set up fan pages for our company as well as for our artist. Something that Facebook also allows us to do is post new events such as shows or when albums drop or when you can hear a song on the radio. It is another way of making the customer alert of our music.( facebook-myspace-youtube-more/) Myspace Music is special in the way that it is very close to having another website. We can also stream lots of songs on Myspace without making them downloadable, but if the customer wishes to download any of the music we will send them a direct link to one of our online stores which we signed up with to pay for the music.( using-facebook-myspace-youtube-more/) This is good because it is a good way to build a fan base which all of the sites do and at the same time promote whatever new song that you have out. Sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are all interconnected and you should take the fan base that you are marketing to on one site and drag them over to the next with links, you can also do this by using your main page. Perhaps the best part about most of these sites are that they are free ways to promote your product. Ning which is also a free business marketing tool. It is a social network which will let us net work with other professionals or customers so they see what our product is about. Blogs/Vlogs/Podcast are important to my company. In the beginning, I always said that I would use sites like this as a way of finding new talent and songwriters or as a new way to showcases the music that they already may have. Something of an “Unplugged” session or one on one with people who liked the fans can see the writers play their songs as well as a way for us to showcase talent of our current artist. Not to mention, all of these social media outlets are free, so they do not take any money out of the marketing campaign. •
    22. 22. Twitter and Blog Marketing subscribers or followers Company updates and follower RSS Feeds gadget too keep track of updates Company profile and Press release ( and Google analytics tracker and RSS feeds
    23. 23. b. How will your marketing budget be distributed among these channels? Diagram from Tom Williams ( strategy-for-musicians-using-facebook-myspace-youtube-more/) • So the budget will be spent mostly on PR and the website because most of our media
    24. 24. c. How is this mix of media the best option to meet the campaign’s creative strategy? • This mix of media is the best option to meet the campaign’s creative strategy because it will find a way to not only include my target audience but to capture other markets. More and more people are starting to use different media outlets. I can recall when I was in 9th grade 10 years ago, I was the only one with a blog and 5 years later everyone including business associates had one, the same goes for “Facebook” which was originally intended for colleges which than was expanded to all types of different networks. By gaining a fan-base or an audience through these outlets, we than we will begin to get more feedback and develop more songs that people want to hear and we will know its what they want because we will have gotten their direct opinion on the issue. •
    25. 25. Campaign Management a. What is your schedule for the deploying/launch each activity in your Media Mix (4.a)? (In other words, will they all start at the same time? Different times?) • Once the official website is up which we will do first, we will than put up the social media networks and than we will include a blog. The reason that we do it in this order is because when we set up a facebook page when want them to be able to link back to our main website in order to get more information on us. •
    26. 26. b. What metrics will be used to measure performance in each of the media channels described in Media Plan (section 4)? • We will use a variety of sites to help us measure our success when it comes to the plan. For social networks what we are going to do is measure how many comments we may have or how many subscribers, followers, friends, or fans we may have gained since we started. The amount of people we have will let us see how big our network is while comment counting will let us see how much interaction we are getting with these people. •
    27. 27. c. What kinds of web analytics and reports will the campaign use to monitor metrics in each channel? • We will also use RSS fees to help us see what is new, in terms of news and updates. If someone posted something new or how well people are keeping up with our site. Not to mention “Google analytics” which lets us put a tracker in our site to see how many viewers we have and to keep track of the amount of activity, each viewer is making. We can also use these tools to see how many people which are currently on the site are subscribed and who is a visitor. •
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