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Question 5


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Question 5

  1. 1. Colour scheme fits with genre Use of star appeal Issue number attracts the audience, lets them roughly know how long magazine has been out and if they collect them. Colloquial Language used Intextuality gets the audience interested as they can relate the text to the artist. Cover line uses anchorage Jewellery enforces lifestyle witch is stereotyped with genre therefore appealing and attracting the audience as this is what they expect to see
  2. 2. Lets the audience know what is featured in the magazine Colour scheme fits the genre Pull quote appeals Attracts audience as model is not sexualised and does not represent the stereotypical image of women Colum's are simple and are neatly located next to the image Different sections appeal to different needs!
  3. 3. Appeals to the reader as EEZY both represents the stereotyped rapper however challenges the stereotype too as he does not have tattoos yet uses jewellery Exclamation brings on excitement and suspense on the story. Pull quote appeals as tells audience a bit about the article Font connects to artist therefor e appeals to fans of the artist