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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. The front cover reinforces and subverts modern stereotypes of men and woman within the black culture. For instance from the hostile direct mode of address used fits the stereotype of how rappers are seen in the media. They are usually stereotyped as being angry people and this photo represents that. By the use of jewellery it again reinforces the lifestyle that these rappers have and love. How they need to be wearing Jewellery to show their wealth and usually have a lot on. However my model too challenges stereotypes as stereotypically rappers are seen to be covered in tattoos which helps reinforce the idea that they are ‘hard’ and tough, Whereas my model does not represent this therefore, we can conclude different ideas about him. Cover lines like ‘Baby Mama Drama’ does reinforce a stereotype that is in modern society when it comes to the Black culture. How parents dot usually stay together once having a child. As this reinforces that stereotype it can give quite a negative vibe to the magazine, however it can show many connotations, as it may not be promoting the idea but helping it, but audience will only know for certain when reading the article.
  2. 2. As a women is stereotypically used on a contents page of a Hip-Hop magazine, my magazine reinforces that idea. However women in the media are usually sexualised wearing hardly any clothes as it reinforces the male gaze theory. Whereas my model does not reinforce this idea in media. My model challenges the idea as she is dressed fully clothes not showing anything off. The pull quote also helps challenge an ideology of women being co-dependent and having to rely on men. As the pull quote says ‘I am the queen of this industry’ it shows that she is a very powerful and independent woman as the Hip-Hop genre is usually male dominated. Showing she is respected and equal with the men. This most definitely subverts usual stereotypes and ideologies.
  3. 3. My double page spread subverts usual stereotypes that are emphasised in the media when representing the black culture. The article itself promotes the success of this young man and emphasises on his process of becoming who he is (even including his schooling). Whereas the black culture are usually represented as school drop outs and being rather arrogant people in society. The photo again reinforces the stereotype of rappers being covered in jewellery as it does reinforce the lifestyle they live. However on this image the rapper is not really using a hostile mode of address which challenges the stereotype of rappers being angry people. Furthermore, the pull quote uses very colloquial language also using swear words this reinforces stereotypes of the tough image that the Hip-Hop culture reinforces itself.