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Mixed magazine front covers new


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Mixed magazine front covers new

  1. 1. Hellboy 2 trailer watch?v=zphI_LLGWdM
  2. 2. Trailer Shot types: Tilt, mid-shot , close up, pan shot, Ariel shot, long shot , high angle shot and low angle shot . Sound: Loud bangs, smashed windows, guns re-loading, music is tension building and it is fast paced. Colour: Red, gold , white, blue, black , orange, grey and green. Storyline: The villain is has declared war and the government have asked a groups if people, the heroes, to stop the war from happening. Transitions: Fades and Fade to blacks
  3. 3. Hell Boy 2 magazine front coverand poster. This magazine has front cover uses all of the usually conventions. At the top of the magazine there is the masthead which has been changed to like with the film. The cover has a left hand third so when they are stacked on a shop shelf people can still see what is in the magazine. It has plugs that advertise other topics in the magazine. It uses a mid shot of a the main character which fills the whole front cover. The masthead has had special effect to it which have been done because it is link to the film they are advertising, which is Hell Boy 2 so they have added fire to the masthead. When i am doing my magazine front cover i will think about adding special effects to my masthead that would link to out film. The poster has got an image, mid-shot, of 3 people on the front, the red man on that was on the magazine, a women and also we can see the villain in the background. The poster has used the traditional conventions used on a poster. Both the magazine and the poster share the house style because they use the same colours.
  4. 4. Inception trailer com/watch?v=8hP9 D6kZseM
  5. 5.  Shot types: Tilt, mid-shot , close up, pan shot, Ariel shot, long shot , high angle shot, over the shoulder and zoom. Sound: woman screaming, first it is slow tension building music then get into fast pace music that builds up tension. There are also loud bangs that sounds like a siren. Colour: Red, white, blue, black, brown, orange, green, gold, and grey Storyline: It is about a group of people who have the power to make ideas realities but they can also steal other peoples ideas to make sure the word is safe. Transitions: Fade to blacks, short takes and long takes.
  6. 6. Inception Magazine front cover This magazine front cover the masthead is at the top of the page and It doesn’t have a left hand third so when the magazines are stacked people have to go and pick it up to read what will be in the magazine. They have a barcode in the bottom right corner. They have used a long shot of the main actor. On this magazine they have the top of the image over lapping the masthead but not much so people don’t know what magazine it is. By doing this they make the front cover slightly 3D. The masthead have be made to look like buildings which blend in the background of the magazine. The title goes across the middle of the front cover and underneath there are a few plugs, there are also a few plugs going down the right side of the cover. There is a puff that is just underneath the masthead which has the same colour. The house style is blue, red, silver and white. The poster has the traditional conventions such as billing block and tagline. On the poster we see a long shot of a man with his back to us holding a gun. There is also lots of tall building surrounding him. Also the man is standing water which is unusual to see. Both the magazine and the poster have got the same house style because they both use the same colours and has building in the background.
  7. 7. Sin City m/watch?v=pmgYQLt QYOQ
  8. 8.  Shot types: Crane shot, close ups, long shot, Ariel shot, point of view, high angle, low angle and two shot. Sound: Glasses clicking, cigarettes burning, lighter, helicopter, slow tension building music. Colour: Red, black and white. It looks like a comic book. Storyline: Its about a truce between those who rule on the street and the villains. Transitions: Fades, dissolve and Fade to blacks
  9. 9. Sin City magazine frontcover On this magazine they have the masthead at the top of the page. They have a low angle shot image in the middle of the page of the main characters in the film which is over lapping the masthead. At the bottom of the front cover we have a few plug on a film reel. I like the idea of having the film reel on the magazine because you instantly know its a film magazine. The colours used on this cover are yellow, white, red, black and blue. On the poster they have put the same image they have on the magazine front cover but have made it darker so that it also almost black and white. There is also a white spotlight that looks like the villains. They have got the title of the film in red which stand out off the page. We have shared the same house style because they have got the same image and have used similar colours.