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History and sports the story of cricket copy

Powerpoint Presentaion for class ix CBSE on topic history and sports:the story of cricket

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History and sports the story of cricket copy

  1. 1. Continuation Twine Ball Leather Ball Cork Ball
  2. 2. Continuation
  3. 3. Continuation
  4. 4. Spot for girls
  5. 5. Continuation
  6. 6. Points to be covered
  7. 7. The Spread of Cricket
  8. 8. Cricket and the Caribbean Countries  Leaders like Forbes Burnham and Eric William saw in the game of cricket a chance for self respect.  West Indies won the 1st test series against England in 1950’s.
  9. 9. Cricket, Race and Religion  The Early Cricket history of Indian First class cricket teams were not organized on geographical principles.  It was based on principle of race and religion. Cricket was played for the first time in 1721 at Cambay, it was a recreational match played by English sailors.  The first Indian club, the Calcutta Cricket Club was establish in 1792.  Cricket was played by British military men and civil servant.
  10. 10. The origin of Indian Cricket
  11. 11. History of Gymkhana Cricket
  12. 12. Continuation Above picture is one of the Gymkhana Cricket Club
  13. 13. Points to be covered
  14. 14. The modern transformation of the Game
  15. 15. Continuation