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workforce diversity and wellness in INTEL


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workforce diversity and wellness in INTEL

  1. 1. Workforce Diversity & Wellness In INTEL Disediakan Untuk : EN. Hussain B. Mahmood Baizur ulliz Nur Nazifa Syahida na Yas in SX110 a Basiron Ahmad Damanhuri Noorul Shamsiah Norzia HRS04 860H R S 04 Mohamed Ali 31 S X1 1 0 9 SX110940HRS04 SX110914HRS04
  2. 2. Source Of Workforce Diversity
  3. 3. Diversity Of Gender
  4. 4. Diversity Of Gender
  5. 5. Diversity Of Gender Interventions.. Maternity Leave Child-Care Elder-Care Flexi-Hours Prohibiting Harassment towards different genders Listed in WorkingMother Magazine as 1 Ofthe 100 Best Companies to work with for a mother. ***********************
  6. 6. Diversity Of Gender & Ethnicity
  7. 7. Benefits Of Diversity• Increase Production• More Effective Executions• Increase Adaptability• Creating A Peace and Well Balance Society
  8. 8. Wellness• In 2010, Intel achieved certification for OHSAS 18001, the internationally recognized standard for occupational safety and health management systems.• Annual health assessments• Fitness programs,• Wellness seminars, flu prevention,• Personalized wellness coaching. These programs are deployed through Health for Life Centers at Intel’s.• Intel, invest $404.8 million in the wellness development for the staff at the year 2009.
  9. 9. Impact Of Intel’s Well-Managed Workforce Diversity and Wellness
  10. 10. Thank You