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Cp press

  1. 1. Versjon 4: 26. august. © CoachingPortal®
  2. 2. CoachingPortal® Making the world a better place by supporting the people that support and stimulate others to make them able to live the life they imagined
  3. 3. ”You are one of a kind!”
  4. 4. What: coachingportal.com is the worlds most (and only) comprehensive and intuitive digital tool and arena for a smoother day-to-day running of consulting businesses (small and large) for verified lifecoaches/mentors. Their clients will be able to book, organize and pay for one-to-one or group sessions with professional mentors, life-coaches and therapists in every field and in every topic.
  5. 5. How: coachingportal.com has made it our mission, through open and easy to use digital tools, to ensure a fruitful and problem free match between clients and their mentor/consultant. Booking and billing can often make the consultant/client relationships limp – we aim to digitally lubricate these non coaching issues in order for the coaches to be 100% focused on coaching/client results.
  6. 6. Why: There are no other fully comprehensive coaching portal/digital tool available. The market is huge, but is not professionally organized on a broad scale. Coachingportal.com will also enable schools, associations and other communities to find an international arena on which to promote their products and services. A future success of coachinportal.com will also yield a more widespread acceptance towards seeking and paying for a personal consultant/mentor.
  7. 7. Category Social networking portals (O-desk, facebook.com, linkedin.com…)
  8. 8. Position Today, there is, no other “category-tool” constructed the same way as coachingportal. The coaching- category has had no arena on which the multitude of suppliers can develop, promote and market their services. Although the topics and areas are largely the same from one country to the next, there are little, if any, collegial contact or community building activities that benefits the overall (global) category. We will take on this responsibility – and we have already received acclaim for taking on the formidable task in developing such an arena from professionals within the category. .
  9. 9. International “coachingportals”* Associations, unions, schools, universities, groups and other bodies where life-coaches, advisers, counsellors, mentors and others congregate – online or in person to execute their profession. 9 (O-desk – TED…) Coachingportal.com *CoachingPortal is the only one of its kind - it is therefor difficult to find relevant competition or benchmarks. O-desk is the only similar system…
  10. 10. Differentiate or die! We are the first truly open international tool where life-coaches and mentors worldwide can organise their daily routines and paperwork in order to focus on their clients and thus expand their skills and business-related opportunities. Our aim is to ensure, through astute technical but intuitive tools, that the consultant/client relationships works smoothly - from the initial client search and approach – all the way to the end of the relationship. We will invite every certified personal consultant, every union or community and every acclaimed education facility on board in order to ensure quality and fruitful development of the category – and listen to their ideas and act and react on their valuable feedback. .
  11. 11. Differensiation rocket This is where we are unique: • Open, advanced technical platform/tool with international approach Category drivers – what the big brands do best: • Have an education • Certification from relevant organisation • Billing system • Certified consultants What you have to possess to be a player in the market at all: • A website • A title s. 11
  12. 12. Our vision: You are one of a kind! .
  13. 13. Mission: Make the world a better place by coaching people to find their true potential so that they can live the life they imagined COACHINGPORTAL:COM
  14. 14. Identity prism – CoachPortal.com ”You are one of a kind” The brands physical attributes The distinct logotype and intuitive web design Relation between the brand and the user/customer: The digital toolbox – always at hand. Reflection: It’s my newer tiering backoffice… The customers self image: CoachPortal makes it easier for me to make a difference in peoples lives The culture that is shared by the brand and the customers. Professional social network The caretaker A team player on behalf of the international coaching community Brand personality 14
  15. 15. Strategic hierarki for coachingportal.com Mission: Make the world a better place by coaching people to find their true potential so that they can live the life they imaginedGoals/target 2013 - 2015 Open Intuitive Inspireing Share knowledge and profits with schools, associations and other relevant, communities and networks Become the most important international arena for lifecoaching/mentoring worldwide within 1000 days Participate in standardising and quality assuring lifecoaches, mentors/consultants world wide. Make sure that our online tools are intuitive and very easy to use Stimulate the mentors and therapists to promote themselves in our network Strategier: Vision: You are one of a kind. Values: 15
  16. 16. Our vision: “You are one of a kind” – Our goal is to be an important partner and participate through the portal to inspire and help mentors and lifecoaches help people so they are able to live the life they imagined - today. Inspire and support people who search for a better understanding of themselves and their personal potential Our values: Open, Intuitive and Inspiring. Open because openess it is the fundamental idea behind the portal. Totally open for everyone who find it to be both productive and inspiring to be there. Intuitive because we are a tool – not an entertainment site. Inspiring in order to play our part in expanding the category and lower the barrier for contacting and trusting a coach/mentor.
  17. 17. 17 ”Live the life you allways imagined” © coachingportal.com™ - 2013