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Punya ramadanum chila durbala hadeesukalum


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Published in: Spiritual
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Punya ramadanum chila durbala hadeesukalum

  1. 1. ]pWy da-Zmpw Nne ZpÀ_e lZo-kp-Ifpw tm¼pw Nne ZpÀ_e lZo-kp-Ifpw þ kÂam³ kzemln _n (k)-bpsS tm¼v þ keo-ap lnem-en, Aen lk³ A le_n WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION d^-d³kv
  2. 2. _n (‫)ﷺ‬ ]dªp: Fsâ t]cn n§Ä IÅw ]d-b-cp-Xv. BÀ Fsâ t]cn IÅw ]d-bp-¶pthm (A-dn-ªpsImv ) Ah³ c- I-¯n {]th-in-¡pI Xs¶ sN¿pw. (_p-Jm-cn) WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  3. 3. 1 dP_v amkw {]th-in-¨m _n (k) C{]-Im-cw {]mÀ°n¡mdpmbncp-¶p. WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  4. 4. _n(-k) ]dªp: n§Ä da-Zm-n-s-¡p-dn¨v ‘da-Zm³’ F¶v ]d-b-cp-Xv. AXv AÃm-lp-hnsâ ma-§-fn s]« Hcp ma-am-Wv. n§Ä ‘ilvdp da-Zm³’ F¶v ]d-bp-I. 2 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  5. 5. “da-Zmnep-ff ]pWyw P-§Ä Xncn-¨-dn-ªn-cp-¶p-sh¦n hÀjw apgp-h³ da-Zm³ Bbncn¡m³ AhÀ B{Kln-¡p- am-bn-cp-¶p. hÀjmcw`w apX hÀjm-h-kmw hsc da-Zm- ns kzoIcn-¡m-mbn kzÀ¤w Ae¦cn¡s¸-«p-sIm- ncn¡p-¶-Xm-Wv. ” 3 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  6. 6. “tl P-§tf, n§Ä¡v al-¯m-sbmcp amkw kam-K-X-am-bn-cn-¡p-¶p. B amk-¯n B-bncw amk-t¯-¡mÄ ]pWIc-amb cp cm{Xnbpv. B amk¯ns ]I-ep-I-fn tmsSp¡Â nambpw AXnse- cm{XnI- fn n¶p {]mÀ°n¡Â (-a-kvI-cn-¡Â) ]pWy-I-c-am-bpw AÃmlp nÝbn¨n-cn-¡p-¶p. B amk-¯n kp¶-¯mb GsX¦nepw ]pWyw sNbvXv AÃm-lp-hn-tmSv ASp-¡m³ Bsc¦nepw {ian-¨m aäp amk-§- fn Hcp nÀ_Ô IÀ½w {]hÀ¯n¨hs t]mse-bm-bn-cn¡pw Ah³. AXnsâ Bcw`w Ap-{K-lhpw a[y-`mKw ]m]-tam-N-hpw Ah- kmw c-I-tam-N--hp-am-Ip-¶p.” .... 4 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  7. 7. “ da-Zm-nsâ BZyw Imcp-Wy-am-Wv, a[yw ]m]-tam-N--¯n-tâ-Xm-Wv, Ah-kmw c-I-tam-N--¯n-tâ-Xpw.” da-Zm-ns BZy ]-¯v, Sp-hnse ]¯v, Ah-km-s¯ ]¯v F¶n- §s thÀXn-cn-¡p-¶-Xnv _n(-k)-bn n¶v ]Tn-¸n-¡-s¸-«n-«n-Ã. Ah-bn {]tXyI {]mÀ°Ifpw _n(-k) ]Tn-¸n-¨n-«n-«n-Ã. 5 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  8. 8. tms¼-Sp-¡q, BtcmKyw tSq. 6 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  9. 9. “tcmKtam ymb-amb Imc-Wtam IqSmsX Btcm¦nepw da-Zm-nse Hcp Znh-ks¯ tm¼v Hgn-hm-¡n-bm hÀjw apgp-h³ tms¼-Sp-¯mepw ]I-c-ambn aXn-bm- Ip-¶-Xà þ Hcp-thf Ah³ tms¼-Sp-¯m Xs¶.” 7 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  10. 10. Cu {]mÀ° _n(-k) bn n¶v Ønc-s¸«p h¶n-«n- Ã. CXv ZpÀ_-e-amb lZokv BWv. tm¼v Xpd-¡p- t¼mÄ Xmsg tNÀ¯ {]mÀ° sNmÃp-I. 7 WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION
  11. 11. Cu lZo-kp-I-fn Nne-Xn-sâ-sbÃmw kmc-§Ä hnip² JpÀ-B-nepw Xncp-kp-¶-¯nepw Ønc-s¸-«h Xs¶-bm-Wv. ]t£, AÃm-lp-hnsâ {]hm-N-I³ (k) ]d-bm¯ Hcp Imcyw At±-l-¯n tNÀ¯v ]d-bm-h-X- Ã. Adn-hn-ÃmsX kwkm-c-¯n C¯cw Imcy-§Ä hcmsX kq£n-¡m-mWv CXv X¿m-dm-¡n-b-Xv. aäp-Å- hÀ¡v hcp¶ A_-²-§Ä Xncp-¯n-s¡m-Sp-¡p-atÃm. tm¼nsâ Zn-cm-{X-§Ä AÃm-lp-hn-te¡v IqSp-X ASp-¡m³ AÃm-lp- klm-bn-¡s«... Bao³ WISD M | ISLAMIC MISSION