The Family Survival Guide


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Family Survival Guide is for everybody out there who don't want to spend their time for a family survival course but have little time to read ebook: like this one:

This is a family survival course review and some awesome and instant guides who would like to survive like Bayer Grill when they are in serious disaster.

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The Family Survival Guide

  1. 1. The Family Survival Guide Live perfectly even when you are in a real trouble!!!
  2. 2. What If???? Are you in danger in your home? Or What will happen when fire related accidents happen? Or what if the whole security of your home is collapsed? What if you are thoughtless and can’t find anything else when your whole family are in natural disaster? ……………..Lets continue to the next slide to find what to do at that time: Family Survival Course Review
  3. 3. Dry Food Is Your Life! Store enough dryfood in your home. Package the dryfood properly. Place your food packages at your hands away. Store such foods that require no refrigeration or cooking. Coz, at emergency, you might not get the chances to cook these.
  4. 4. First Aid Box Store the essential medicines. Store the Vaccine or Injections for Fever or harmful insects. Package the Medicines in a way so that these are in vacuum and never get damaged. Consult with any medicine specialists and ask them what type of pills or medicines might require in emergency.
  5. 5. Collect Useful Tools Screw Driver Set of Nuts Ropes A Knife Long Life Battery with Torch Light Scissor Go here for details: The Family Survival Guide
  6. 6. File Everything When any disaster happen; saving one’s own life is crucial. But, sometimes we get little time to take whatever seem too much important for surviving. Important Legal Documents, Land Properties related documents, Bank Cheques, Insurance Papers, Agreement Papers, Academic Certificates, Prescriptions can be enlisted for a secured filing. Each of these documents should be in one file and in case of emergency, you can quickly take that and go away.
  7. 7. Need To Know More? If you need more information regarding this; then I would suggest you to look over this awesome Family Survival Guide which has been one of the best-selling book in USA. Here you go: Family Survival Course
  8. 8. Thank You