Copy Writing-Content Creation & Sales Page Making Tips


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Nasir Uddin Shamim discussed about how to make an effective copy and blog content along with formulas of Sales Page Creation!

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Copy Writing-Content Creation & Sales Page Making Tips

  1. 1. Content & Copy Creation With Sales Page NASIR UDDIN SHAMIM CO-FOUNDER DEVSTEAM
  2. 2. Know How to Search in Google!Find Content  Keyword + Forum to find forum.Ideas!  To find a specific type of File on Google: “wedding budget” filetype:xls OR filetype:pdf  To find a exact phrase keyword in a site:>Related Forum. “doesn‟t work”  Finding exact phrase with similar words:>Related Blogs. “athlete‟s foot” ~remedy “natural”  Finding Synonyms in a webpage text:>Search Wikipedia allintext:~inexpensive vacation articles>  To eliminate a word from search result: “vending machine prices” -soda –candy>Yahoo Answers  find every website with the words bad headache within the URL allinurl:bad headache>Your Blog’s CommentSection!  If you want to both headache and eyes to appear in the title, youd have to do allintitle:headache>Digg. eyes  To find related sites of any given: Try this>StumbleUpon. operator:
  3. 3.  Now that you’ve got inspiration, it’sResearch time to do some research before youBegins! actually start writing..  The obvious first step is to Google the topic you’re writing about. This>Google way, you can see if any posts are out>Twitter there that are too similar to the>Social one you’re thinking of writing.BookmarkingWebsites Like DeeperWeb.Stumble Upon and  Ask a couple of well-craftedDelicious. questions on Twitter to get useful links. Check Twitter Trends.  Enter keywords for your topic on StumbleUpon and Delicious
  4. 4. Effective Blog WritingThings To Consider While Making A Copy! Aim for Readability Making text easy to read online means making it simple to scan. Keep in mind several things when writing your blog posts: Write less; get your point across with a minimum of text, Use lists and bullet points frequently, Try to make only one point per paragraph, Use sub-headings, Highlight keywords and phrases. Use Images.
  5. 5. Copy WritingThree Simple Steps!1. Focus Problems andPlay with Emotions.2. Give A PossibleSolution.3. Why your Solutionis Best. SomeTestimonials.4. Your Affiliate Linksor Buy Button.
  6. 6. List of Sites To Follow For Copy Writing1. www.sherus.com2. www.copyblogger.com3. www.dirtycopywriting.com4. www.seocopywriting.com5.
  7. 7.  Preview your posts before publishing toBefore you make sure everything looks as it should.Publish This is a good time to double-check that all links work correctly.  Perform a spell-check and read through>Preview your post to make sure it has no spelling or>Check for Typos grammatical mistakes.  I usually set a time to publish my posts.>Schedule Think of your readers and when they would>Don’t Publish Post most like to read your posts. There’s noon Weekends! point in posting in the middle of the night unless you’re targeting a different time zone.  Also, think about the best days to publish. Posting on weekends is usually not very effective because people are often away from their computers and online traffic may be low.
  8. 8. Final Checklist Add tags to your post, Select a category, Add a snippet (if applicable), Add a “More” link (if applicable), Edit the URL (if applicable),
  9. 9.  How should you promote your blog? Well, if you have 10,000+ RSS subscribers, then you’rePromotion guaranteed to attract some readers. But what if you have only a handful of subscribers?  Twitter is a great tool with which to advertise>Twitter your posts. You can even use a WordPress Twitter plug-in, which makes it easier for you by>Email automatically updating your Twitter status every time you publish a new post.>Social Networking  If you use FeedBurner, make sure you haveWebsites email alerts switched on so that your readers can subscribe by email. Emailing people (or>Facebook by Fan websites) to let them know you’ve mentionedPage. them in your post is a nice courtesy, too.>Use RSS Feed System.  You could share your posts on Delicious, StumbleUpon and Digg, but letting someone else get the ball rolling is probably best practice. So, make sure to provide links that make it easy for readers to share your posts.
  10. 10.  End your blog posts with a question.Follow-Up This way, your readers will be moreYour Contents inclined reply or comment.  It will also help generate discussion. Be sure to address any comments or>Ask Your Readers. feedback attached to your posts, and>Discussion thank your readers for their feedback.  If your post receives positive feedback,>Related Posts consider following it up with a>Be BOLD, Consistent related post. Base your follow-up postand Clear. on the feedback you received or expand on one particular area of interest.  The important things to remember are: be consistent, blog about topics that matter to you and express your opinions clearly.
  11. 11. Your Real Journey Begins! Sales Page Creation
  12. 12. Sale Page Format Headlines. It has 3 parts, the pre-headline, main headline and post- headline. The pre-headline must attract or capture the attentions of your prospect customers. The main headline must describe the problems that your customers might face if they don’t use your product. It is normally written in big fonts. And lastly, the post-headline adds further details for your main headline. Introduction. This is your first few sentences that must catch your readers’ attentions. Credibility. This can be your previous clients’ testimonials and successful results of your product testing. Be realistic also is displaying your credibility. Benefits. Specify the products benefits well. Using bullets or numbering can help to organize your points. Make it also visible or something that will standout like your headline.
  13. 13. Your Tasks Isn’t Finished Yet! Features/Specifications of the Product. Like Benefits, enumerate your products features or specifications well. It does not need to be bold or large fonts, just organize the display. Bonus. This can be some additional rewards if your customer will purchase your main product. Build Up of Value. This contains reasons of why your product is worth the price value. You can compare other products’ prices with yours and specify advantages to prove your price. Ordering. This includes your method of payment; you can use mediums like Paypal or other trusted third party payment gateways. Conclusion. This is the summary of your promotions. You can also mention again the benefits and reasons for your prize value.
  14. 14. More Effective Tips in Creating Sales Page Design. The layout of your sales page is vital. This is what will first attract your prospect customer. Choose colors that may enhance the readability of your sales page. Also, use graphics or videos that are essential for your presentation. Hence, if you do not have any related graphics to use, do not display any just to consume space. Be Creative with Headlines and Introduction. Spend time making your headline and introduction attractive. If you were able to catch your clients’ attention with your headlines and first few sentences, most likely, they will read further until the end of your article.
  15. 15.  Be Realistic with Products. Never put contents that are not true like testimonials from non-existing person, evidences or results that were not proven and even features that are not part of the product’s functionalities. Fast Loading of Page. As possible as you can, prevent entities that may lower your page speed. A few minutes or even a minute of waiting can keep a customer away. Focus More on the Customers’ Benefits. No matter how powerful the product is, if the client feels that it is not beneficial for his needs, he will still ignore it. Focus on the advantages of your product and explain reasons of why they need to buy it
  16. 16. ASales pageExample Sales Page Example 01
  17. 17. Sales Page Examples
  18. 18. Another Sales Page Example
  19. 19. List of Sites To Follow For Sales Page Making1. salespage-creator2. outline3. page-creatio4. landing-pages
  20. 20. The End