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Blogging - The Easiest Way To Start!


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Slides that help to get started a professional blogging right from today.

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Blogging - The Easiest Way To Start!

  1. 1. Blogging – TheEasiest GuideTo StartNasir Uddin ShamimCOODevsTeam
  2. 2. It’s Me Nasir Uddin ShamimCOODevsTeam Limited• Blogging Since 2008• Internet Marketing Since 2009• Has been a Job in BJMC.• Co-Founded DevsTeam at 2012
  3. 3. What The Hell Is This?
  4. 4. Why Blogging? Chances to showcase your Expertise. Completely Passive Income. Learn stuffs by sharing with others! Easy Money! Because; you don’t have tobe expert on Writing or Teaching.
  5. 5. Before Starting–Inspire YourselfThey Are Making 1000+ Per Month From Blog, Staying at BD
  6. 6. What To Blog About?AnyTopicYouLoveAnyExpertise YouHaveAnyStuffsYouLoveResearchingAbout.comAlltop.comBusinessStudiesEngg. Computer& StuffsLifeSciences
  7. 7. How To Start? Free Blog at: Blogger.Com Paid Blog by: WordPress, A Domain &Hosting Space.
  8. 8. What To Do NEXT? Keep Publishing Post Everyday. Find What Others Are Writing; follow theBUZZ. Keep your Blog updated with usefulInformation, resources and Trendy Newsfrom Google Trends.
  9. 9. Wanna Success? Market It! Use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter &YouTube. Start Learning SEO & Implement These. Join In Discussion Boards like FBPages, Forums and show your Expertise.
  10. 10. Monetizing! Google AdSense. Affiliation by Amazon, Ebay or otherNetworks. Try CPA. If you start getting lots of Visitors; try CPM.
  11. 11. Never Give Up Keep Learning Have Patience“90% of People Fail In Online; Just For GivingUp When They Are In the Last Step ToSuccess Door”
  12. 12. Any Questions? Find me with lotsof Information regarding Freelancing &Blogging. Mail me at:
  13. 13. Best Luck!