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  1. 1. Submitted to : Amna ShahidSubmitted by: Abida shamim,Ishraft SharifPhrases
  2. 2. Sentence:Sementically, Sentence is a group of words having acomplete thought. Syntactically, a sentence starts with a capitalletter and ends with period.For example: He is Ali, and he is a solider.Structure of a Sentence:There are four levels of a sentence structure.Phrasessentence clause phrase word
  3. 3. A phrase is a group of two or three words that works as a noun verb and adjective insentence is called phrase.Types of Phrases:Noun Phrase: A group of words playing the role of noun in sentence is called noun phrase.Adjective Phrase: A group of words that describe the noun is called adjectivephrase.Verb Phrase: Verb phrase contains helping and main verb, and acts as verb.Prepositional Phrase: A prepositional phrase starts with a preposition, endswith an object, and may have a modifier between preposition and object ofpreposition.Gerund and Infinitive Phrases: Gerunds and infinitive can have withdirect objects, predicate nominative, predicative adjectives to form a gerund andinfinitive phrase.PhraseAdjpNP VP PP GP Inf P
  4. 4. The boy won the match.Noun Phrase (NP)prizethewonboyTheDet N NDetVP NPVNP
  5. 5. Good boy learnt the lesson.Adjective PhraseNPVvpNAdjlessonthelearntboyGoodDet NAdj P
  6. 6. Ali has written a novel.Verb Phrase (VP)NPahasAliN NDetwrittenHPnovelMVNPVP
  7. 7. Lahore is in the Punjab.Prepositional Phrase (PP)NP VP PPDetNPPVNPunjabtheinisLahoreN
  8. 8. writing a novel is difficult.GP+VP+NPGerund PhraseVPGVGPNPNDetdifficultisnovelaWritingNNP
  9. 9. His desire is to win the match.Infinitive PhraseNPDet NVP INF PINFVmatchtheTowinisdesireHisDetNPN