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Whitepaper on recruitment management1


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This is a bsic recruitment whitepaper for staffing industry employees.

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Whitepaper on recruitment management1

  1. 1. Whitepaper on Recruitment management, in regards to Disputes and Resolutions.Powered by
  2. 2. Belling the Cat. Disputes and Resolutions Created By Shambhu Arvind for Agile Informatics Pvt. Ltd.Today the recruiting industry is going through the most dynamic period of world market. This kind ofdynamism or change has never been witnessed before. The functions of, purely refilling humanresources has given way to providing the whole myriad of recruiting solutions and services.The gamut of challenges has increased with different industries seeking for different set of people in anongoing basis. Varied streams like Finance, IT, Marketing and Sales have changed the course ofrecruiting which was basically formed for replenishing factory workers, traditionally.Huge challenges like matching the correct person with a correct job, loyalty identification and pressuretaking traits are being taken into consideration while selecting candidates. Hence, the models andmarketing theories in relation to recruiting changes day in day out.These challenges are to be put into a process where the recruiting companies are always ready with thebest resources so as to adhere to demanding clients. Every recruiting firm/business needs a processthrough which the “going – to – market” time reduces drastically. Lots of software options are availablebut this process could also be customized with traditional tools across every recruiting business.Integration between the business’ front end and sourcing end is needed and should be impressed upon..
  3. 3. Recruitment Management:Sourcing, Identifying and Recruiting being primary functions have turned into very professional gamut ofskill game. It also encompasses compliance and environmental factors in its mix. From budgeting to legalparameters, every framework is found in recruiting management nowadays. This makes recruitmentmanagement the most comprehensive user of business functions across the spectrum.Divided Field Retaining the patronsThe constant barrage of staffing/recruiting Any recruiting agency, which doesn’t have aagencies has made this industry into a stream of clients for long term, will perish.small margin one. The good margins are Period. Recruiting agencies needs to benow only allocated for the companies who proactive in making processes which aremade a name in this highly volatile space. If adaptable and scalable, for generating andwe look at the world market, Japan has the maintaining client relationships.largest number of staffing/recruitment Take up a survey, manage a blog for newagencies in the world followed by US. developments in recruiting business; thisFor a world, which is considered flat now, exercise will help staffing agencies to remainwe can see the divide. This immense divide in contact with their clients as well as potentialof cultures and miles generally puts across clients. The impact of constant usefula highly fragmented way of working, information telecast would help you be on theensuring very difficult compatibility. This top of mind of your client. They are gettingspace can be won if consolidation starts. something in return other than CVs in theirThe other case may be, like Manpower, inbox.Adecco etc. the brand name is associatedwith high chance of landing a job.MaturityMature economies or mature companies usually have a set of objectives which they need to meetduring their recruiting process. This makes it easy for the stakeholders to zero-in at correctreplenishments. Labour market deregulation across different countries, also play a crucial role.In Indian market, companies refrain from having Temps but in other markets across the world, it is quitecommon. Now, with the maturity level and varied functions, few Indian companies are taking Temprecruitment seriously.
  4. 4. Resource AttractionThe success of any company is valid on the raw materials. Staffing industry’s success depends onREFINED materials. Attracting and retaining the human resources for others has become considerablydifficult due to immense completion and attraction bargains.How many times a staffing agency has researched on job description? Seldom, is one word answer.Consider this example: In case a staffing agency gets a contract for a project manager in a reputed oil &gas conglomerate. Usually, the staffing agencies, work solely on the base of other brands, therebyhurting their own. Coming back, if the recruiter or staffer researches not only the company but thegrowth avenues of the position, it becomes easy to attract the resource in a single call. Tell him/herwhat he/she would gain by accepting the job offer, where does a recruiter see the concerned person innext 5 years based on industry/company performance.This will not only attract but also retain the REFINED resource as it is easy for him/her to relate tosomebody who has his/her growth prospects in mind. Relate and Update Revising Relationships Just as you require your clients business, If you look closely into any recruiting you also need a pool of human resources agency, one would find that 40% - who are ready to listen to you. How 50% of time there is spent by people many times a staffing agency calls a on administrative tasks. This is client? Millions. How many times a important but the main target of any staffing agency calls a recruit they have company dealing with human landed? Seldom resources is enhancing relationship management. When a good recruit is placed by you or gets in contact with you, put him/her in a Having the names of contacts at all USEFUL list. Make sure you track and the companies with whom one works update their career changes and with is not enough? Make sure that movement. One great employee you know their birthdays, recruited by you, can take your company anniversaries, special days etc. This from delivering middle level manager to would take time, but Rome wasn’t delivering CFOs. Keep in touch and be won in a day either. The mushy e- close to their rise. cards and mails are a passé. Make sure you have a small and manageable gift like a paper weight or a laptop mouse which is branded in you company’s name. This will find a place on their tables and you close to their mammalian brains.
  5. 5. Demographic and Social MediaThe demographics of the whole world are changing and the dynamism of social media is making it easyto sway all your goodwill in one shot.A company can have a global impact if it chooses to direct its updates or status in a professional andtimely manner. Content on social media have the power to generate immense profits for companies.Staffing agencies can gain a lot. Instead of hourly update or daily one, a staffing company can put itsrecruiting needs. This will create the presence of one’s company in all corners of the digital world yetmaking it accessible to clients and recruits together.So update the status on facebook, twit around, and connect to linkedin so that you stay at everybody’sPC, Laptop or Mobile.We are Agile Informatics Pvt. Ltd., a company which is built on a strong foundation of professionalexcellence and pioneering and scalable technology standards.Agile Informatics boasts of 200+ associates and a pool of more than 50000 professionals which areexperienced and capable in varied industries. Our process for finding the correct fit for your organizationis tested, yet simple.We have immense pool of people in-house who have large experience from various sectors likeengineering, oil & power, HR functions, export-import etc. which makes it easier for them to understandcorrect fits for companies who need expertise.Our business intelligence is one of the best in the industry. We have resources placed in different