What Exactly Is Thai Healing Massage?


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Thai Healing Massage is a complete educational massage training system which includes Thai Massage, Thai Rocking Massage, Thai Massage Therapy and Heavenly Head Massage.

Thai Healing Massage Academy offers 16 courses that together bring you the most complete, refined, sophisticated, and effective Thai Massage system you can find anywhere. All these courses are available as home study video training programs.

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What Exactly Is Thai Healing Massage?

  1. 1. What Exactly is Thai Healing Massage?Thai Healing Massage is not just a fancy name for Thai Massage. It has a veryspecific meaning, at least in the context of my training school, Thai HealingMassage Academy. I live in the Thai Massage capital of the world, Chiang Mai,Thailand. There are Thai massage schools and shops all over the place, sometimesseveral within one block. There is no such concentration of Thai Massageanywhere else that I have seen. And I have been all over Thailand.In Massage, Quantity does not equal qualityHowever this does not mean that you also get the best quality of massagecompared to elsewhere in the world. Quantity does not necessarily equal quality. Itis a very strange phenomenon that it is actually quite difficult to find a good ThaiMassage in Chiang Mai, or anywhere else in Thailand, as a matter of fact.When people come to Thailand for the first time, or they just spend a short timehere, they are generally very impressed by any Thai Massage. It is new, it is reallydifferent, it seems exotic, and the reaction is often “amazing”, “impressive”, “farout”, etc. But those of us who have lived here for some time have become morediscriminating.
  2. 2. Cookie cutter massage sessions with extra pressure for “therapy”After some time you cannot help but notice that most Thai Massage sessions arepretty much on auto pilot, one-size-fits-all sessions. The therapists often do manysessions in a row without a break, and they frequently chat with each other, answertheir mobile phones during the massage, and clearly do not connect with theirclients on a deeper level.If you ask for any specific work, they will always tell you that they can do it, butyou still end up getting the same one-size-fits-all session with a couple of minutesthrown in on the area that you requested. The “therapy” generally consists of justpressing harder.Mainstream Thai Massage in Thailand has gone wide, but not deepThe reason for this is that Thai Massage has moved from a traditional healingmethod to a tourist attraction and sometimes a thinly veiled disguise for providingadditional services that have little to do with therapy.For many therapists in Thailand this is nothing more than a relatively well paid jobwhich can be learned fairly quickly. For them it has little to do with a calling, apassion, a sincere desire to help people, and a love for healing arts. It is just a job,and it shows in their sessions.There are definitely very qualified, intuitive and expert Thai Massage therapists inThailand, but compared to the sheer number of therapists, they are a small minorityand are hard to find unless you stick around long enough to explore, get tips fromother long time residents and track down the really good ones.What Makes the THAI HEALING MASSAGE system unique?Thai Healing Massage is my answer to the issues mentioned above. I started tolook at the strengths and weaknesses of traditional Thai Massage. Then I graduallywent about improving all the weaker areas by including either my own modifiedtechniques, or techniques from other modalities.
  3. 3. At its core the Thai Healing Massage system contains our most popular program, a highly detailed Thai Massage training course. It is not just a level one training, but a complete system which covers all positions and techniques needed to be an effective and skilled therapist. It is available as a structured and fully supported home study video training course with a certification option. >> The Thai Healing Massage system can even take you much further.Let me give you some examples: Typical Thai Massage sessions are mostly focused on the legs (the main strength of Thai Massage). At least 70 percent of any session here in Thailand is spent on leg work, whereas upper body work is not as well represented. In my Thai Healing Massage system I shift a lot more emphasis to the upper body. . Thai therapists almost never touch your abdomen. Therefore I developed Dancing Hands Abdominal Massage, a simplified version of Chi Nei Tsang which blends perfectly with Thai Massage. . Most Thai therapist’s skill set for good shoulder work is quite limited. Therefore I developed my Ultimate Shoulder Massage course which adds 70 shoulder techniques to your arsenal. . Thai Massage does include some neck, head and face work. But it is often a hit-or-miss situation. You might be lucky and get a decent one, or it might be seriously sub-standard. None of all the Thai Massage schools that I had originally attended spent much time on neck, head and face. It was always more like an after thought. That’s why I developed Heavenly Head Massage, an in depth and very profound system for neck, head and face massage. . Thai Massage relies a lot on direct and static thumb pressure and palm pressure with the hand at a right angle to the forearm. This can lead to problems in therapist’s thumb and wrist joints like inflammation or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Many therapists had to give up their careers because of such problems. In response to this I developed Thai Rocking Massage which does not use any direct static pressure but instead uses round and
  4. 4. flowing rocking motions which do not stress any joints. . Thai Massage is practiced most of the time as a standard, follow the book, one-size-fits-all treatment. I developed a series of highly detailed therapy courses which focus on specific areas of the body like shoulders, neck, arms, hands, hips, sacrum, or knees. These courses enable therapists to go beyond the standardized Thai Massage style and learn how to work on problem areas in much greater depth. . Thai Massage is often practiced in a rather mechanical, routine way here in Thailand. It also has a reputation that it can be quite painful. Therefore I developed courses that take it to a higher and more refined level, like Massage Communication Secrets, Body Mastery For Massage and Magic Touch Secrets.All those courses can be integrated into Thai Massage. Several courses can also beused as a stand-alone modality which is quite different from traditional ThaiMassage. And the techniques in all the courses can also be implemented in othernon-Thai massage systems. Thai Healing Massage is Thai Massage refined, expanded, more focused on specific therapy, with a much bigger selection of techniques for upper body work, an emphasis on preserving the health of the therapist, and the inclusion of energy and yoga principles.It is not easy, but possible to find excellent therapists here in Thailand who can doamazing work with Thai Massage. But I there is no Thai Massage school here thatteaches in such depth, offers such a variety of therapeutic knowledge,and addresses as many areas of the body as the Thai Healing Massage system.Thai Healing Massage Academy offers 16 courses that together bring you themost complete, refined, sophisticated, and effective Thai Massage system you canfind anywhere. All these courses are available as home study video trainingprograms. We also teach live classes, offer training for spas, and internships forserious students.To access our free 6 part Thai Massage video course, please CLICK HERE