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  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY OF GREG TSENG Greg Yuchang Tseng born November 14, 1979. He is a controversial American internet entrepreneur . current CEO of social networking website Tagged. Tagged and Jumpstart, another of Tsengs companies, have been the subject. He is co-founder and t of legal actions concerning allegedly deceptive or misleading e-mail practices.
  3. 3.  Born in Taipei , Taiwan , and raised in high school science and technology and won numerous awards in mathematics and science. He placed 9th in the 1993 national MathCounts , competition, tied for 1st place with perfect score in the 1994 American high school Mathematics exams, and qualified for the united states of mathematical olympiad ever McLean, Virginia.
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION OF TAGGED Tagged is a social discovery website based in san fransisco, california, United states founded in 2004. Tagged allows members to browse the profiles of other members, play games, and share tags and virtual gifts. Tagged says it has 100 million members. As of 28 September 2011, Quantcast reports Tagged monthly unique user at 5.9 million U.S., and 18.6 million globally. Tagged has acquired the social and instant messaging client and the gaming application WeGame. In April 2011 that Tagged is most notable for the ability to grow profitably during the era of Facebook(fb).
  6. 6. In 2009, Tagged was criticized for sending deceptive emailand paid $1.4 million in legal settlements regarding thosepractices. The company has since adopted privacy reformsand changed its invitation processes.Tagged is an company ranking on the 2010 Inc. list offastest growing independent U.S. private companies 2011list of Americas Most Promising Companies.
  8. 8. ADVANTAGES OF TAGGED something advantage held in reserve until needed, and especially until needed to turn apparent failure into actual success. In stud poker a hole card is the card dealt face down in the first round. the player who receives an ace as his hole card has a decided advantage. get the drop on, to beat to the draw, to be a step ahead; to gain the advantage through quickness and alertness. gaining an advantage over something . A sleeping animal is an easy target. This expression is an older equivalent of the current to catch someone napping.
  9. 9.  catch napping: To acquire an advantage over someone through his inattentiveness. A sleeping person or animal is easily taken off guard by another person or predator. As used in it does not carry its literal meaning of ‘sleeping.’ It means simply ‘unawares. get the drop on: To have the advantage over someone; to be in a superior, controlling position, such that one cannot be taken unawares.
  10. 10. DISADVANTAGES OF TAGGED1) untagged unions are used to perform bit-level conversions between types, called reinterpret casts2)Tagged unions are not intended for this purpose; typically a new value is assigned whenever the tag is changed.3)Many languages support, to some extent, a universal data type, and often a way is provided to test the actual type of a value.4)The cases form different ways of expressing a single concept, such as a data structure or instruction. The values of a universal data type are not related and there is no feasible way to deal.
  11. 11. 5)The main disadvantage oftagged unions is that the tagoccupies space.6) There are usually a smallnumber of alternatives, thetag often can be squeezedinto 2 or 3 bits space can befound.
  12. 12. CONTRIBUTION OF TAGGED1) An org has several projects, each with a budget and fundraising target. Some donations are unrestricted, some restricted to one or more projects or elements of a project.2) They already have a tag hierarchy to categorize contacts, cases etc based on projects and on child tags for elements of projects. With Contribution tags, they could easily sort donations the same way, with contribution-only tags such as Restricted funds, Unrestricted funds, Assigned by trustees, and able to be reach their targets.
  13. 13. 3) An org has regular with a number of different strategiessplit at random to test their effectiveness.4) each campaign is a tag and each strategy a sub-tag. 5) They use this to easily categorise staff and volunteers ineach push, people targetted by each push, activities andcases and each donation that comes out allowing them toeasily generate reports comparing each strategy .
  14. 14. Prepared By: Shalina.