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Joining nsdl as an issuer


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Joining nsdl as an issuer

  1. 1. Joining NSDL as an Issuer An issuer may offer demat facility to its shareholders by admitting the securities to NSDL. Issuer should get electronic connectivity with the existing Registrar & Transfer Agent or by taking In House connectivity. After submitting the requisite set of documents to NSDL, NSDL will send Blank Tripartite Agreements (3 Copies with franking of Rs 100/- each) to Registrar & Transfer Agent (R & TA). After signing the agreement by R & TA & Issuer, send the same to NSDL. ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) generated by NSDL for the security will be convey to the Company. List of Documents  Letter of intent cum Master Creation Form (MCF)  Audited Balance Sheet for last two years - Certified to be true copies.  Certified true copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association  Copies of listing/trading permission/confirmation letter received from the stock exchanges with Distinctive Number Range (DNR) for listing of all its shares (If company is listed).  Copy of the latest Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit report submitted to the stock exchanges (If company is listed)  Confirmation letter from Registrar and Transfer Agent for common registry  Net worth certificate from a Chartered Accountant  Undertaking from company. (If company is private limited).  If company has issued equity shares after latest balance sheet in that case company has to provide certified to be true copy of form no.2.  List of Authorised signatory with Board Resolution with specimen signature  If there is any variation in face value of shares or reduction in capital after the last balance sheet d ate in that case company has to provide us certified to be true copy of form no.5.  If the company is already admitted in CDSL, the ISIN activation letter from CDSL to be submitted.  Joining fees for Unlisted companies is Rs.20000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) plus service tax (as applicable) & in case the Issuer gets its securities listed on any recognised stock exchange within one year of joining NSDL, the joining fee paid by the Issuer will get adjusted against annual custody fee or one time custody fees, as the case may be.
  2. 2. Form Name Attachment Tripartite Agreements triplicate Agreemet.doc Letter of intent cum Master Creation Form MCF-for-equity-shar es.doc common registry Common-Registry-Co nfirmation-Letter.DOC Net worth certificate Networth-Certificate .doc Undertaking from Undertaking-from-co .doc