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IPO (with fictitious Figure)


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This is the ppt on IPO what with fictitious data....

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IPO (with fictitious Figure)

  1. 1. A Leading Global Indian Film Entertainment Company • Our company is originally incorporated in Mumbai as Red Chillies Pvt. Ltd. • Our company is converted into a Public Ltd. Company and name was changed to Red Chillies ltd. • Our company is engaged in co-producing , acquiring and distributing Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide. • Our web portal is
  2. 2. PROMOTERS BACKGROUND •She has over 20 years of experience in the media industry. • She is the first Director of our Company appointed as per the provisions of the MoA of our Company. • She has been instrumental in developing the Red Chillies Group. • She was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on Feb 11, 2010 with effect from Feb 11, 2010. CEO- Ms. Srishti Doshi • She has over 16 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. • She has been a part of the core team that founded B4U Television Network in the UK in 1998-99. • She was appointed as Whole Time Director by our WTD- Snehlata Sharma Company on September 28, 2009,
  3. 3. KEY MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL •She is a chartered accountant with 17 years of professional experience in varied industries such as media and entertainment, cement, chemical, shipping and SAP consulting • Prior to joining us, She was working with DNA, an Essel and Bhaskar group joint venture. She has earlier worked with Percept Group and the Swiss multinational Ciba Specialty. • She is a qualified company secretary. • She has approximately 16 years of work experience. • Prior to joining our Company, She has worked with Sony Pictures India, Specialty Ranbaxy Limited, Aarjay Apparels, Pearl Polymers Limited and C.C. Choksi. CFO- Ms. Shalu Saraf CS- Ms. Shilpa Rathore
  4. 4. Other MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL BO: Sunit Jain VP (M & S): Chanchal Khandaka MB: Shobhita Jain VP: Shikha Sharma
  5. 5. Our Vision, "We want to be the leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, by co-producing, acquiring and distributing Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide . - RED Chillies Family.
  6. 6. Our Mission, • global release of a Bollywood film in more than 30 countries of disc format that offers next generation menus •provide the greatest quality and leading products to our customers •Create value for all stakeholders •Grow through innovation •Lead in good governance practices
  7. 7.  RED Chillies Digital Private Limited  RED Chillies Network Properties Private Limited  RED Chillies International Limited  RED Chillies International USA Inc  RED Chillies Distribution (Canada) Limited  RED Chillies Australia Pvt. Limited  RED Chillies Music Publishing Limited  RED Chillies Pacific Limited  RED Chillies Music publishing GMBH  RED Chillies International PTE Limited  Acacia Investments Holdings Limited  Belvedere Holdings PTE limited
  8. 8. Key Strength
  10. 10. WHY COMPANY IS PROPOSING ISSUE?  Acquiring and co-producing Indian films, including primarily Hindi language film as well as certain tamil & other regional language films.  General corporate purposes  The main objects clause of our Memorandum of Association and objects incidental to the main objects enable us to undertake our existing activities and the activities for which funds are being raised by us through this Issue.
  11. 11. Persons associated with the Public Issue Book Running Lead Managers:  ENAM SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED  KOTAK MAHINDRA CAPITAL COMPANY LIMITED  MORGAN STANLEY INDIA COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED  RBS EQUITIES (INDIA) LIMITED  LINK INTIME INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Registrar to the Issue: Statutory Auditors: Link Intime India Private Limited Walker Chandiok & Co. Bankers to the Issue: • Yes Bank Limited • Standard Chartered Bank • HDFC Bank Limited • The HSBC Limited • Punjab National Bank • The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V. • ICICI Bank Limited • Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
  13. 13. STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES (Rs. In lacs) Particulars 31.0313 31.03.12 31.03.11 Fixed Assets 24.24 11.02 - Investments 121.5 110.5 85.6 Current Assets Receivables 96.59 50.46 40.1 Cash & Bank Balance 0.39 0.49 0.87 Loans & Advances 40.5 37.5 27.3 Share Capital 139.93 139.93 139.93 Reserves & Surplus 73.83 0.08 4.44 SecuRED Loans - - - UnsecuRED Loans - - - Current Liabilities 69.46 69.96 9.5
  14. 14. STATEMENT OF PROFIT AND LOSS (Rs. In LACS) Particulars 31.01.13 31.03.12 31.03.11 Sales 6120.11 510.11 85.22 Interest Income 0.41 5.93 1.99 CoGS 5736.98 466.98 69.99 Employees Cost 56.2 13.5 5.22 Admn. & Selling Exp. 212.36 20.2 11.35 Depreciation 4.33 2.11 Interest & Fin. Exp. 0 0 0 Provision for Taxes 36.9 3.2 0.2 Net Profit 73.75 10.05 0.45
  15. 15. Sales graph (Rs. In LAcs)
  16. 16. PROFIT (Rs. In LacS)
  17. 17. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTING RATIOS Particulars 31.03.13 31.03.12 31.03.11 NetWorth (in Rs. Lacs) 213.76 140.01 144.37 Net Profit After Tax (in Rs. Lacs) 73.75 10.05 0.45 No. of Shares Outstanding at the end of F.Y. 13,99,300 13,99,300 13,99,300 EPS (Rs.) 5.27 0.72 0.03 Return on Net Worth 34.5% 7.18 % 0.31% Net Asset Value per Share (Rs.) 15.28 10 10.32
  18. 18. ISSUE RELATED INFORMATION The Equity share are being subject to the Companies Act, 2013, SEBI (ICDR) Regulations 2009, MOA & AOA, Draft Prospectus, GOI, Stock Exchanges, RBI, ROC and/or other authorities. Issue is authorized by Board resolution with the approval of Shareholders at the EGM. Dividend will be paid as per provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and recommendations of BOD & Shareholders. Face Value = Rs. 10/- each
  19. 19. ISSUE STRUCTURE  Min. contract size is of 50 Equity Shares.  Trading to be done only in dematerialized form.  This Issue is 100% underwritten Opening Date- 8th December, 2014 Closing Date- 15th December, 2014 Applications to be submitted to the Escrow Bankers to the issue. Applicants cannot withdraw or lower their applications at any stage of the issue.
  20. 20. WHO CAN APPLY ?  Indian national resident  HUF in name of karta  Companies, Corporations, Trusts, Societies.  Registered MFs.  IFIs, SCBs, RRBs, Co-operative Banks.  State Industrial Development Corporations.  LLPs  Scientific and/or Industrial Research Organizations  Registered Insurance Companies  Provident Funds & Pension Funds with minimum corpus of Rs. 25 Crores
  21. 21. LEGAL & OTHER INFO  There are neither any civil nor criminal cases filed by or against the company or the promoters and directors of the Company  There are no tax proceedings involving the company  In the opinion of the Board of Directors of our Company, there have not arisen, since the date of the last audited financial statements disclosed in this Draft Prospectus, any circumstances that materially or adversely affect or are likely to affect our profitability or value of assets or our ability to pay material liabilities within the next twelve (12) months.
  22. 22. LEGAL & OTHER INFO  Threshold eligibility norms:- Our Company has Net Tangible Assets of Rs. 283.22 Lacs  Net worth of our Company is 213.76 Lacs  Company possesses distributable profits since last 3 years  The company will posses a post issue equity capital of more than 1cr but less than 25cr.  Company, before filing the prospectus with RoC entered into tripartite agreements with CDSL and NSDL along with the Registrar for facilitating trading in dematerialized mode.
  23. 23. LEGAL & OTHER INFO  Functional website of the company- “”  ABC private limited are appointed as market makers  Market makers will be engaged for a period of 3 years  Due diligence certificate has been received from KOTAK INVESTMENT BANKING the lead manager of the issue.
  24. 24. WHY TO INVEST IN red Chillies LIMITED?
  25. 25.  Red Chillies has a content library of over 2000 films and the company is yet to milk these effectively.  The entry of new participants has had a positive impact on the Indian M&E industry as it has helped in expanding the overall size of the market. This is expected to continue with the entry of additional players emerging to capture new audiences with advancements in product offering, marketing and distribution
  26. 26. OUR UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1. Red Chillies LTD. operates in the media and entertainment sector in India and internationally. Acquiring and co-producing Indian films, - including primarily Hindi language films as well as certain Tamil and other regional language films. 2. The company’s vision is to emerge as a leading entertainment house that balances diverse platforms in a dynamically changing media environment. 3. Its strategy is to further strengthen its competitive advantage by building on and augmenting the red Chillies India Library and further leveraging its portfolio approach to film content. 4. Consolidation of music catalogues in order to exploit growth from radio, mobile, public performances and internet is another key strategy.
  27. 27. ACHIEVEMENTS 1. Production house of the year 2013 by Franchise India 2. 'Best entertainment company for 2012' by CNBC 3. Zoom TV- awarded as one of the Best production Companies of the Year 2011.