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Wtc export plancdrom

  1. 1. YOU CAN ALSO NOW BECOME AN EXPORTERDear Friend,By writing for information about exciting high income part-time, full-time career in exports, you havealready taken a very important step on the road that tens of thousands of people have taken beforeyou – who have become successful exporter.Exports is the most fascinating trade today. By starting your own export business, not only you earnhandsome profits, but also help our Government to earn valuable foreign exchange……… by virtue ofwhich you are in privileged eyes of the Govt., where you enjoy special benefits regarding exemptionof taxes-excise and sales tax, drawbacks, duty free imports, export finance at low rates of interest,special exchange facilities and incentives to travel abroad for export promotion,…WTC Export Plan is designed by highly experienced team of professional’s engaged in export-importtrade, to impart latest updated knowledge for starting your own export business from anywherewith lowest possible investments. Please read following pages carefully, because here we revealexactly what exports hold in store for you, and how quickly you can get you start.The Export plan is designed to suit your time, and you do not have to leave your present job. You canstart from your own home. As you go through the plan, you will learn how you can sell to tens andthousands of foreign buyers with advance payments to buy from you…. The one and only way to getrich dividends FAST !!!! ……… WORKING FROM YOUR OWN HOME.“Our Export plan offers step-by-step practical approach to start export business quickly and earnhandsome profits to the beginners who wish to enter this exciting and highly rewarding career inexports and also for those who wish to update their knowledge for increasing their current businessactivities.”MANY POPLE HAVE STARTED FROM HOME AND HAVE EARNED HANDSOMEPROFITS IN EXPORT TRADE YOU TOO CAN ALSO DO IT !OUR EXPORT PLAN EXPLAINS EVERYTHING TO THE BEGINNER “ One of the most appealing things about the import-export business is that it’s an industry that doesn’t nose-dive every time the Country hits a recession” Editorial Comment from reputable US Business magazine “Entrepreneur”
  2. 2. ‘WTC’ EXPORT PLAN- ON CD-ROMEasy to Understand ‘ WTC EXPORT PLAN that explains you Step-by-step…….. 1. Basics of exporting. 2. How to set up your own business quickly. 3. Obtaining Licences, Registrations, etc., 4. What to export and where. 5. Methods of exporting. 6. Selection of product. 7. Sourcing foreign buyers. 8. Types of export correspondence. 9. Mail oreder Exports. 10. How to prepare literature for mailing to foreign buyers, so that in the first mailing your receive advance with order without wasting time and money. 11. How to continuously receive names & addresses of genuine buyers who will buy with advance payments. 12. Obtaining Name list. 13. Selection of Agents. 14. Appointing Agents. 15. Promoting your business around the world. 16. How to advertise freely in foreign magazines,bulletins, journals. 17. Export pricing, Quotations and terms. 18. Methods of payments. 19. Types of Letter of Credit (L/c ) 20. Check-list to be made by an exporter upon receipt of L/C. 21. Export Documentation. 22. Shipping, Logistics, and Custom clearance of goods. 23. Role of Bank. 24. Financing Export Order. 25. Benefits, incentives offered to exporters. 26. Doing business through ‘Internet’. 27. How to rise in exports and get yourself registered as an established exporter to receive nominations and award for good export performance. 28. ……….and much more valuable reference materials, important addresses, etc.,plus List of over 500 genuine buyers who will purchase from you in cash on advance payments. HURRY… TIME IS MONEY “Whatever the economic climate, Countries still have to trade with each other for maintaining comfortable balance of payment position in the world.”
  3. 3. “WTC EXPORT PLAN” OFFERS FOLLOWING IMPORTANTINFORMATION TO ENTER INTO THE EXPORT TRADE: -* List of Export Promotion Councils/Commodity Boards.* FIEO’s Head Office and Regional Offices.* ITPO Office and their addresses.* List of Trade Points around the world.* List of State Government Export Trade Corporation.* Niryat Bandhus for Export Promotion Activities in the States.* Select list of well-known Credit Information Agencies Abroad.* Export-Import Organizations-Abroad.* Import Promotion Offices and similar Organization-Abroad.* Select List of Internet Web sites developed by Trade Promotion Organizations.* List of Licensing Authorities and their Jurisdiction for obtaining Licenses.* Application Form [Revised] for obtaining Export Licenses.* Export-Import Costing sheet.* Set of Export Documentation consisting of Invoice, Packing List, Certificates of Origin, GR/SDF Forms, etc.,* Types of incentives offered to Exporters.* List of web sites offering free advertising.* List of Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations in India.* List of Chambers of Commerce-Abroad.* List of International Trade Publications, Bulletins, Journals, etc., related to Export-Import trade.* List of Indian Embassies and High Commissions-Abroad.* List of Foreign Embassies and High Commissions in India.* List of Export-Import Councils and Commodity Boards.* List of Business Promotion Offices.* List of “World Trade Centers”.* List of International Trade Information Centers.* List of Trade and Industrial Associations in India.* List of Trade Representatives in India.* List of Indian Products: Commodity wise “What-Goes-Where”.* List of Indian Diplomatic Missions-Abroad. All the above information’s play a vital role in starting your own export trade HURRY !! Send your Order Form TODAY
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES OF STARTING YOUR OWN EXPORT BUSINESSNO RISKSIn exports you do not need huge investment, buy stocks, or special equipments and is risk free. Justsupply your literature to the foreign buyers. They send you advance payment for samples, smallorders and open Letter of Credit for bulk buying, after receiving money, you then buy goods and shipto them. It is easy once you get the know-how! - And that’s exactly WTC Export Plan offers you –from the beginning.ADDITIONAL INCOMEIn Exports, people from all over the world have made millions Millions in Dollars, Pounds, Dinars… can be one of them. You can keep the security of your present job and work in your spare time.Just few hours a day and earn extra income. The only limit to your earning capacity is how muchtime and efforts YOU want to put into it.START AT HOME! NO OFFICE REQUIRED ! PART-TIME OR FULL-TIME OPPORTUNITYCHOOSE YOUR OWN HOURS OF WORKExport business can be easily started in the cozy comforts of your own house, whether in a village orsmall town, part – time –OR- full-time, and your are your own boss to choose your own hours ofwork. You have no overheads practically, and every Dollar, Mark, Pound, etc., you earn is all Yours.You can keep your full-time job and income…. Every thing you make in your spare-time from thecomforts of your home is extra money to use for luxuries, home improvements, buy vehicle,marriage, and future security. Once you start with it you will in all probability go full time becausethere is no other way of making money as smoothly, as in exports. People are fascinated with goodsfrom abroad, like you are fascinated with imported with imported items. People have made millionsin exporting small items like :- silk ties, scarves, stoles, fancy leather goods, brasswares, artwares,wooden handicrafts, artificial jewellery, purses, belts, paper – machie, walnut-wood articles, dolls,greeting cards, stationery items, earrings, home-made articles, hardware, silverplated wares, not tomention pulses, rice, vegetables, sugar, cement, chemicals, engineering goods, marine products,ready-made garments, and many many more items, you can start practically with any commodity,and you have a buyer abroad. WE TELL YOU HOW! Your Opportunity to Change your Life
  5. 5. GENUINE JOB SATISFACTIONThe more efforts you put in, more you earn, all for yourself. You have freedom to build your businessat your own space, and provide a future for yourself and your family.NO EXPERIENCE REQUIREDYou don’t need any special experience to do this business nor have to undergo any specialexaminations, nor you have to be a graduate. Only knowledge of English is required, being world’smajor commercial language and if you can read and follow this brochure. You shoud have nodifficulties with export transactions. THE DESIRE TO SUCCEDD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY FORMAL EDUCATION !! IT’S EASY WHEN YOU HAVE KNOW – HOWMany people think export is complicated-which is why there are so many global tradingopportunities. Something like 80% of companies around the world don’t export because they thinkit’s too complex or haven’t got around to it yet. WTC Export Plan will give you the complete know –how. (These companies prefer to sell their goods through people already involved in exports, thuscreating vast opportunities for merchant Exporters) YOUR OPPORTUNITIES TO TRAVEL ABROADOnce you start exports, you get many opportunities to travel abroad, sometimes along with yourfamily also, combining business with pleasure on expense of your foreign buyers, and also to locatenew buyers for your products, or to participate in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. TheIndian Government also gives special facilities and Marketing Development Assistance to establishedexporters for it. You can even open up sample show rooms for permanent display of your productsin big departmental stores, which will provide you with regular promotions of your various products.One or more of your family can stay there and handle it OR you can employ a foreigner, we tell youin our plan HOW TO DO IT !..
  6. 6. WISH TO BOOST YOUR INCOME? ……. AND WITH NO INVESTMENTS !!!This may be the most important day in your life, as far as cash income and future security isconcerned. If your wish to start making extra money NOW….. possibly more than your have evermade before, then send us your order form and enter the fascinating world of Export Trade, in whichexporters have earned THOUSANDS … OVERNIGHT !!!APPOINT AGENTS/SALESMEN TO SELL YOURPRODUCTSYou can get your foreign salesmen/agents to sell your products and get your export orders fromabroad. We tell you How in our volumes and in this manner your will earn Millions of Rupees likeothers have earned.EXPORTS – You sell direct at HIGH PROFITSMen – Women…. “WTC” Reveals everything you need to start your own Home Export Business. Youcan sell on Handsome Profits, and you will be carefully guided --- step by step. You will beintroduced to genuine buyers who are eager to do business with you. You will be directed by oureasy to follow “WTC” plan in the fascinating world of exports!EMPLOYMENT POTENTIALDue to liberalized policies, announced by our Government and major trust given to exports, therehas been a rapid growth of export business in the country. Hundreds of export organizations, areexpected to come into operation during the next few years, thus increasing job opportunities forexport executives by thousands, to person trained in export transactions. If you do not wish to starton your own you can take-up a highly rewarding job in export organizations after undergoing a in-depth study and your experience in international trade of exports. OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – BUT ONCE ! AND YOU HAVE TO OPEN THE DOOR TO IT
  7. 7. ADDITIONAL OFFERS ( Worth more than Rs. 10,000/-* ) TOTAL ADVISORY SUPPORT SERVICES FOR THREE MONTHSOne of the most vital services included with WTC Export plan is the privilege of consulting with us onyour personal plans and ideas as your business develops till you remain our member. A whole teamof professionals are ready and eager to assist you…… in all matters concerned with growth of yourexport business. Our plan also includes suggestions in designing of your own website, doing businessthrough INTERNET , export correspondence, pricing, documentation and business development ingeneral. Many members have said, “This service alone is worth many times full cost of plan”.We offer you free membership, and free advisory support services for full THREE months from thedate you become our member and you do not have to undergo any examinations. As a member of“World Trade Connections”, you can have direct contact with foreign buyers. ATTRACTIVE MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE & MEMBERSHIP LOGOAlong with WTC Export plan, we supply you with a membership certificate and ‘WTC’ official Insignia( Logo) which you can print on your letter head to identify yourself as a member of ‘WTC’. When youwrite to the foreign buyers, they will know that you are a ‘WTC’ member and are reliable exporter.This will create more confidence in your foreign buyers, and you will be highly benefitted with rapidorders. Membership can be renewed every year to receive all benefits. EXTRA BONUS OFFERTo assist you in starting your own business easily, and fast, ‘WTC’ shall introduce your name withproducts you deal in, to selected 1000 genuine foreign buyers around the world along with ourrecommendation letter to do business with you – by – e-mail. In this manner, you will startreceiving inquires directly form foreign buyers for your products. All you have to do is send yourliterature, catalogs, and prices. Foreign buyers interested in your products shall place orders directlyto you. ENLIST YOUR PRODUCT ABSOLUTELY FREE!! ON THE “INTERNET”E-commerce is the in-thing. International Business of exports and imports is increasing tremendouslythrough internet. Today there are more than 150 million ‘internet users’ all over the world withnumber increasing daily. – ‘internet’ is boon to International Business community being fast andcheapest medium of communication. As an Additional Bonus Offer. We offer you select list ofwebsites engaged in import- export trade. Many of them offers FREE listing of your company andproducts.
  8. 8. FREE of Charge Useful information like articles, market surveys,reportsAt regular intervals, we circulate vital information on International Trade like articlesbusiness development, market surveys, country profiles, Reports, etc., To update ourmembers with latest knowledge, demand –supply, market trends, etc., These articlesare offered free of charge to members via e-mail.For Non WTC Members: Annual Subscription fees : Rs. 2,500/-FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO DGFT & CUSTOMSNOTIFICATIONSFrom time to time, Govt., of India announces changes/amendments in Custom dutyTariffs, Relaxation for Imports and Exports of restricted goods, Duty Free ImportsSchemes, etc., To balance the Import & Export Trade.“WTC” provides updated Information on Exim Policy, Customs and Central Excise alongwith changes, notifications, etc., on weekly basis of working days. [Every Friday] –or- asand when published considering its importance.As a member you will receive such notification Free of Charge till you remain ourmember.For Non WTC Members: Annual Subscription fees : Rs. 1,500/- OUR SPECIAL OFFERTo those who complete our Export plan, we will send names and address of four hundred and moregenuine buyers, most of whom will buy from you by sending cash with their orders throughInternational Bank Drafts. You have only to send them your literature or brochure of items ( we tellyour how ! ) Many of them will place orders worth thousands, making you rich overnight. And thisis no dream! It is a hard fact ! This is the world of exports welcoming you to reap a rich harvest –yours for the taking ! Thought For TodayGive a man a loaf of bread and you feed him for a day. Teach him to bake and you feed him for alifetime. When we teach you how to export, you will get the once-in-a-life-time opportunity for big,handsome earnings for the rest of your life. Send your enrolment…. Today !