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Intro to Apache Solr


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Learn the capabilities of Apache Solr, including how to run in standalone and cloud mode as well as how to contribute

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Intro to Apache Solr

  1. 1. Apache Solr Introduction & Demo
  2. 2. • What is Apache Solr? • Start/stop Solr • Indexing data to Solr • Searching data • Running a SolrCloud cluster • Hacking Solr Agenda
  3. 3. • Lucene based search server + other features • Access Lucene over HTTP: • Java, Python, Ruby, .NET, PHP over XML/JSON and other formats • Faceting (guided navigation), suggestions, highlighting etc. • Replication and distributed search • Lucene best practices What is Apache Solr?
  4. 4. • Extract: • tar xvf solr-5.1.0.tgz (linux/mac) • unzip or click+extract (windows) • Run: • ./bin/solr start -e schemaless • ./bin/solr start -e schemaless -p 8983 • ./bin/solr -help • ./bin/solr start -help • Stop: • ./bin/solr stop Running Solr
  5. 5. • ./bin/post script • Using curl directly • Using the Admin UI • SolrJ and other indexing clients Indexing data
  6. 6. Demo time
  7. 7. Inverted index
  8. 8. • +red +shoes = red AND shoes • +shoes -red = shoes NOT red • “android phone” • “android phone” -samsung = “android phone” NOT samsung “android samsung”~4 • merced* • createDate:[201301 TO 201401] • author:shalin • author:”shalin mangar” • author:”shalin mangar” AND project:(lucene OR solr) title:samsung^5 category:phone Lucene/Solr query syntax
  9. 9. • DataImportHandler: Index databases, Email, RSS, XMLs etc. • Rich document support: PDF, MS Office, Images etc. • Faceting, stats, analytics • Replication for high query volume • Production systems with billions of documents • Very extensible and customizable • Embedded in commercial search products from Lucidworks, DataStax, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Pivotal, Amazon Cloudsearch, Riak etc. Other features of Solr
  10. 10. • Subset of optional features in Solr to enable and simplify horizontal scaling a search index using sharding and replication • Goals: scalability, performance, high-availability, simplicity, and elasticity What is SolrCloud?
  11. 11. • ./bin/solr -e cloud • Yeah, it’s that simple! Running SolrCloud
  12. 12. SolrCloud demo
  13. 13. • • Pre-requisites: • git: git clone lucene-solr.git • github: fork and clone apache/lucene-solr • ant 1.8.x or above • Eclipse or Intellij Idea (I recommend Idea) • Put svn/git and ant in your $PATH or %PATH% Hacking Solr
  14. 14. • ant ivy-bootstrap (required only once) • ant idea or ant eclipse (generated a complete project for you which you can open in your favourite IDE) • Find an existing Jira issue or open a new one at http:// • Make changes, write tests, once finished: • run ‘cd solr; ant server’ to build Solr and start via bin/solr scripts • run ‘ant test’ (it can take a while), ensure all tests pass • run ‘ant precommit’, (run from the checkout root) ensure it passes • Generate a patch with ‘svn diff’ or ‘git diff’ and attach to Jira Hacking Solr
  15. 15. • • Apache+Solr+Reference+Guide • • Ask me: • Ask other users: • Ask developers: (use sparingly) Resources
  16. 16. Thank you Shalin Shekhar Mangar,