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Vaishnavi swaminathan b49


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mega water treatment

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Vaishnavi swaminathan b49

  1. 1. Mega Water Treatment Professionals KM Process Vaishnavi Swaminathan B_49 PRN : 15020441295
  2. 2. Company Details • Company: Mega Water Treatment Professionals • Company type: Start up • Interviewee: Mr. Derrick Reginald • Designation: CEO & Founder • Company Website:
  3. 3. Methodology • Mr Derrick Reginald was asked questions systematically to cover all the stages of the KM process. • The system was explained to sir and accordingly, details regarding the company’s KM Process was provided with.
  4. 4. Knowledge Creation • The company has tie ups for the raw materials to reduce the manufacturing cost • Assembling is done by the company • Feedback regarding the product is taken from experts and customers. This data is stored in the company’s system. • This data is managed by software managers of the company.
  5. 5. Knowledge Codification • The feedback given is used by the R&D department of the company for constant improvisation . • There are analysts that the company consults to take experts’ opinion regarding consumer services analysis. This data is then used while the company is planning the marketing strategy. This way, they covert tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge and utilise it for further improvement of the services.
  6. 6. Knowledge Application • While deciding upon product developments, R&D utilizes the feedback documents to decide upon the product development. • On the other hand, the marketing department uses the system to design the marketing strategy and improvise on the customer service areas.
  7. 7. Knowledge Transfer • An area where the knowledge is transferred and shared is the R&D team uses the marketing strategy knowledge to see what the customers are looking for. Similarly, the sales details are also put up on the system which is used by all the teams to analyse the customers’ preference and reasons behind the same.
  8. 8. THANK YOU