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13 thomas jeffersons life


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13 thomas jeffersons life

  1. 1. THOMASJEFFERSON’S LIFEBy Wyatt Thomas NeedhamMay 10, 2013
  2. 2. THOMAS JEFFERSON’S BIRTH AND EARLY LIFEThomas Jefferson was born onApril 13, 1743 in Albemarle County,Colony of Virginia, to Peter and JaneJefferson.Tom was the third oldest of 10children. Two of his siblings died atbirth.At age 2, Tom’s Uncle died so hisfamily moved into their house onTuckahoe Plantation to care for hischildren, Tom’s four cousins.At age nine, his family moved backto Shadwell, their land in AlbemarleCounty,
  3. 3. Tom loved toread so much.Tom alsoloved to write.Young Tomstudied violin andlanguages, suchas Latin, Greek,and French withReverend WilliamDouglas at DoverCreek for fiveyears.Tom studied law while workingwith George Wythe and becamealawyer in 1767.At age 16, Tomattended The Collegeof William and Maryin Williamsburg,Virginia.Besides his studies atW&M, Tom enjoyed horseraces, card games, and foxhunts.THOMAS JEFFERSON’S EDUCATION
  4. 4. THOMAS JEFFERSON’S LIFE AFTER COLLEGEFor seven years Tomworked on designingand building Monticello,that meant “littlemountain” in Italian.In 1772, Tom married awidow, Martha WaylesSkelton. Tom and Marthashared a love of music.They had 6 children butonly 2 made it, Patsy &Maria. Martha died veryyoung at age 33, leavingTom heartbroken.Tom loved to playviolin, planting in hisgarden, playing withDick, his petMocking birdand hisgrizzlycubs.
  5. 5. As a lawyer, Tom served in the VirginiaHouse of Burgesses.Tom then served in the Virginia Houseof Delegates when he was lawyer.Tom worked with George Washington,Ben Franklin, John Adams, AlexanderHamilton, etc.THOMAS JEFFERSON’S CAREER
  6. 6. Tom was the author and a signer of theDeclaration of Independence – 1776.He was Governor of Virginia in 1779 -1781.He was United States Minister to France.He was the first Secretary of State duringGeorge Washington’s presidency.He was elected vice president under JohnAdams in1797 - 1801.Tom also was 3rd president of the UnitedStates from 1800 to 1809.As President, Tom sent Louis and Clark ontheir quest out west, where they found thefirst mammoth remains.Tom created the University of Virginia inCharlottesville, Virginia.THOMAS JEFFERSON’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS
  7. 7. THOMAS JEFFERSON’S IMPACT ON THE WORLDThomas Jefferson was aFounding Father of the UnitedStates of America, the country welive in.Tom invented the MoldboardPlow, Architect Table, and theWine Dumbwaiter.In the Declaration ofIndependence he came up withthe idea that all people are createdequal and the government shoulddo what the citizens want.Another is that he made UVAwhere a lot of people go forcollege because, it has greateducation.
  8. 8. THOMAS JEFFERSON’S DEATHThomas Jeffersondied on July 4,1826, at age 83, ofnatural causes athis homeMonticello , inCharlottesville,Virginia.It was the 50thanniversary of theDeclaration ofIndependence.
  9. 9. CONNECTIONS TO HADDONFIELDThe Haddonfield Public Library was modeled after Monticello.Fry – Jefferson Map (1753) hanging on the wall in the foyer ofMonticello, shows Haddonfield’s location in New Jersey.
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?