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OSCE 12-lead ECG protocol


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A protocol on how to do a 12-lead ECG in an OSCE exam.

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OSCE 12-lead ECG protocol

  1. 1. C. Riedinger 1ECG notes 12 lead ECG – 5 min stationTask: - Impersonate stage 1 medical student on ward - Patient Mr x needs a 12 lead ECG - Act as if manikin is the real patient - Explain to examiner what you are doing as you go alongProcedure - Introduce self, gain consent and co-operation - Hand hygiene… - Ensure privacy, curtains, chaperone? - Prepare patient: remove chest hair if necessary, wash/dry skin if necessary (with chlorhexidine wipe) - Place electrodes: (first place sticker, then attach cables) o 6 chest leads: V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6 V1 – 4th intercostal space at R sternal angle V2 – 4th intercostals space at L sternal angle V4 – mid-clavicular line in 5th R intercostals space V3 – halfway between V2 and V4 V6 – mid-axillary line horizontal to V4 V5 – anterior axillary line nearly horizontal to V4 o 4 limb leads: Red = R arm, yellow = L arm, Green = L foot, black = R foot These 4 electrodes produce 6 views in the vertical plane: I, II, III, aVL, aVR and a VF (6) - press button to obtain ECG - once it has been obtained, remove 2. V2 electrodes and cover the patient up 4. V3 3. V4 - document onto ECG the patient’s name, hospital number, time and date1. V1 6. V5 - DOCUMENT PRESENCE OF CHEST PAIN! 5. V6 - live clinical area tidy - perform hand hygiene