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Overview Lymphatic Drainage

An overview to help learn things by heart for the 1st year anatomy exam at Cambridge medical school.

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Overview Lymphatic Drainage

  1. 1. Lymphatic drainage of regions and organsC. Riedinger 2011Organ Lymphatic drainage Nodes DuctHead, neck Deep cervical nodes Jugular trunkPalatine tonsils (cranium, larynx, Jugulodigastric nodes (superior deep cervical) Jugular trunklower pharynx, thyroid)Tongue Jugulo-omohyoid nodes (inferior deep cervical) Jugular trunkUpper limb Axillary (apical) Subclavian trunkSuperior abdominal wall Axillary (pectoral) Subclavian trunkTrachea Deep cervical and tracheobronchial nodes Subclavian and bronchomediastinal trunkLungs Plexuses of nodes along bronchi and under pleurae: Bronchomediastinal trunk - Superior and inferior tracheobronchial - mediastinalThorax and diaphragm? ? Descending thoracic ductGI tract Nodes in mesentery to pre-aortic nodes Intestinal trunk to cisterna chyliSmall intestine -* Intestinal trunkNon-alimentary viscera Para-aortic nodes Intestinal trunk?(gonads, i.e. testes and ovaries)Inferior abdominal wall Superficial inguinal nodes Lumbar trunkAnal canal Superficial inguinal nodes Lumbar trunkLower limb Superifial and deep inguinal nodes Lumbar trunk* The small intestine absorbs fat, which is transported via the lymph and is termed “chyle”. Fat is transported in the form of chylomicrons, whichare too large to be filtered and therefore bypass the nodes!!