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Overview of the different arteries supplying various parts of the brain.

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  1. 1. End arteries supplying the brain and spinal cord C. RiedingerArtery Origin Course Territory * above optic nerve * follows curvature of corpus * medial aspect of hemispheres callosumAnterior cerebral (ACA) internal carotid * sensory amd cortical areas of lower limb * along longitudinal fissure * "mohican" * back to parieto-occipital sulcus * cortical territory: sensory and motor cortex * largest * auditory cortexMiddle cerebral (MCA) internal carotid * moving out laterally * insula * lateral and inferior hemispheres * internal capsule * basal ganglia * posteriorly * curves around midbrain * occipital lobePosterior cerebral (PCA) internal carotid * inferomedial aspect of temporal * visual cortex lobe * from junction of pons and * superior surface beneath tentorium cerebelliSuperior cerebellar (SCA) basilar artery midbrain, where basilar artery ends * midbrain * originates close to junction of * anterior aspect of inferior surface of cerebellumAnterior inferior cerebellar basilar artery medulla at pons, where basilar * pons(AICA) artery begins * medullaPosterior inferior cerebellar * posterior aspect of inferior surface of cerebellum vertebral artery * near olive(PICA) * lateral part of medullaAnterior spinal vertebral artery * descends down spinal cord * medulla and spinal cordPosterior spinal