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What Zig Ziglar says!!! by Shalaka Patil, UBS


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Published in: Business, Technology
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What Zig Ziglar says!!! by Shalaka Patil, UBS

  1. 1. What ZigZiglar Says… By Shalaka Patil Universal Business School
  2. 2. Who is Mr. ZigZiglar anyw Hilary Hinton Ziglar 1926 – 2012 From Alabama, USA Author, Salesman, M otivational Speaker, Lecturer and Businessman Famous for videos and audios
  3. 3. A B C of Selling! You don’t sell the product or service… You sell YOURSELF!
  4. 4. WHAT do you Sell?Features of Benefits? People By Benefits! So, if you selling one thing and your customer buys another thing, there is a big fat problem!!! To avoid this chaos, Turn all your Features into the Benefits that people want to buy!!! Simple way is to write down all features on paper and then what benefits your prospect customer wants to buy. If both matches, you are good!
  5. 5. Honesty and Integrity A common belief: All salespeople have to be dishonest, liars, cunning, bluff masters and ultimately bad guys!IT’S A MYTH! The truth is, Only Honesty and Integrity Pays off…! Storytime…
  6. 6. The only way for long term success is ethical! Do the right thing every time, you will be rewarded down the line! Be a person to be trusted! Test honesty, then do the business! Don’t only talk about it, but live to your words! Make sure your words and actions match well! Stand in front of mirror, and say “ I am a honest
  7. 7. Positive ThinkingConfusion about ‘+’ve Thinking Person with positive thinking can do everything!!! ZigZiglar calls it rubbish! The thing about positive thinking is, Person with this attitude can do everything Better than others who have negative thinking! Optimistic salesperson is the best! Frustrations and failures will be there! But its only in your mind! People with good attitude become successful even
  8. 8. Success Mantra By ZigZiglar Step 1 Accept the fact that only YOU can control your attitude! Step 2 Commitment is the only way! Step 3 Read things which are value added for your career and life, for at least 20 minutes every day! Inspire and educate yourself!
  9. 9. So, what did we learn? What do you Sell? Benefits! How do you Sell? With Honesty and Integrity! What do we need? Positive Attitude!
  10. 10. Thank You!