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Film treatment new 2011.j.e.sdocx

  1. 1. Saving Grace A Psychological ThrillerBy Shakira Ashmeil, Jessica Yanney & Ellis Parkinson.
  2. 2. OverviewThe story is of a young girl named grace that is15 years old and is extremely isolated from therest of society, however is engulfed stronglywith her religion. Through some psychologicalissues she attempts to commit suicide at thelocation of a tram stop, but is saved by a youngman in his 30’s who is with his partner. Gracefinds documentation of the man’s partner andattempts to return this item, but then to herdiscovery finds out that the woman is committingthe sin of adultery. This then transforms Gracein becoming obsessed and stalking the woman inthe attempt to change her into a pure and holywoman of God who doesn’t commit adultery.The psychological thriller of our film results inGwen trying to convince her partner that she isnot going mad and loosing it, but is deeplytrying to explain that she is being stalked. Thisthen takes hold over Gwen’ life and she begins tohave a deep obsession that all of this is trueand not made up, but to the people in her lifeand everyone around her including her partnerbelieve that she has reached the brink ofinsanity.Outline 1. Beginning: Showing Grace as a character and her obsession and strict beliefs with her religion. The transformation of this happy couple living a ‘normal’ life. 2. Middle: Grace attempting to commit suicide due to the fact that she believes in her psychological mind that the earth doesn’t need her anymore, but being saved by this man who she believes is an angel of God. Finding the woman’s phone attempts to return it but discovers the sin of adultery on behalf of the woman. The hands of technology then begin. 3. End: Grace mind begins to engulf her and she begins her attempt to change this woman into something new
  3. 3. and pure, but through an obsessive way and begins to stalk her. Grace’ religious mind takes control throughout the entire film and in the end tries to kill herself and this woman as a form of sacrifice to thinking that it’s a way of getting rid of all of the sin on the Earth. Technology Information • Target Length: 90-100 minutes on DVD • Distribution: J.E.S production in association with New line. • Location(s): Church – Tooting (St.Boniface) House -> Affluent background couple (Furzedown) Room -> Plain, crucifix’.Name of Description Parts of scenescharacter. they are in.Grace Grace is a 15- year-old girl isolated from the rest of society, but engulfed with her religious views. Has a great lack of socialization and is a very secretive and disturbed young girl.Gwen (Gwendlyn) Gwen is a 30-year- old woman, having a successful career, and having a loving partner by her side. She is a very sociable woman who enjoys nights out and having fun.Jacob Jacob is a strong man of 32 years of age, and also has a very sociable life. Enjoys
  4. 4. nights out and always lending a helpful hand to people even when its’ not needed. A great partner in his life and leads a good life.(Extras) – Jonah, Each main extraRebecca, Nicole, has their ownRob, Susan, John, parts as well.Lucy, Jane, Pete. Jonah and Rebecca both being best friends with Gwen and Jacob. Nicole being grace’ 20 yr old sister who is at university but tries to keep the relationship with her younger sister. Rob and Susan are the parents of Grace also but are hardly ever at home. John and Lucy are Gwen’s parents and Jacobs soon to be parent in laws. Jane and Peter are friends of Grace who always try to help as well. Synopsis The opening of our psychological thriller ‘Saving Grace’ starts with a 15-year-old girl in an ancient but well kept church, praying and repeating scriptures from the bible. She is alone in this large church with only the light from the candles on her face. Throughout this part of the opening of the film we have a young woman at the age of 30 named Gwen getting ready for a night out at a wine bar. Both of these scenes cut at different times
  5. 5. between the two peoples scenario. There is then a frameof movement of this young girl leaving the church andcontinuing her motion of mumbling and speaking to herself(her face at this point is not revealed). Through furtherdiscussion, my group and I have decided to just focus theopening two minutes being surrounded by Grace in thechurch alone. However we are keeping to one of ouroriginal points of not revealing any of the charactersfaces in the opening, and now that the opening onlyinvolves Grace, her face will be unknown to the audience,but her actions made clear.The main story involves the journey of a young girl whobelieves that society is in many ways corrupt, but isdeeply attached to her religion. She ends up trying tocommit suicide, due to her believing that life is notworth living, but gets saved by a young man who gives herguidance and shows her that there is more to life. Gracefinds some form of identification of the man’ and due tohim saving her feels the great need to return it. As shedoes so she is shocked to find that his partner who wasalso at the tram stop when the man saved her iscommitting the sin of adultery. Due to Grace’ strictobsession with her religion she begins her journey ofstalking by sending messages and watching this woman’s’every move, in the attempt to change her into a ‘purewoman’, after a while Grace realizes that this woman isnot taking her messages seriously, and takes things intoher own hands. Gwen however is shown to be going crazyand becoming psychologically confused, due to the peoplearound her telling her that she is not being stalked.Gwen takes many strategies in order to reveal her stalkerto everyone, but however is always un-successful due toGrace knowing her every move and schedule.Her stalking goes to a next level, and it sadly ends inGrace taking both her and Gwendlyn’ life due to Gracethinking that they are both better not on the earth, dueto Grace not being successful in changing Gwen. Gracebelieves that Gwen did not take each message seriouslythat she sent, and in the eye’s of the God they have bothcommitted sin, so they no longer belong on Earth.