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Seminar talk for BYU ISYS program, 2/21/2014 by Derek Hansen

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  • Introduction (family picture, Russia picture, BYU, Umich and iSchools, Maryland - 4 years, HCIL, CASCI, IGERT)
    Talk about iSchools
  • 1.23 Billion Facebook users.
    See for other stats.
  • See special issue of IEEE Computer, Nov. 2010 focused on Technology-Mediated Social Participation.
  • Please join the BYU LDSTECH Chapter!
  • Hutchin’s classic paper explores the idea of treating a cockpit as a unit of analysis from a cognitive psychology standpoint – one that includes both human and technological components to perform computation and memory tasks. However, as most of cognitive psychology work, it focuses on one individual and not emergent properties on a social level. What would/does a socio-technical social system look like and how can we analyze them? Lostpedia provides one example of a socio-technical system engaged in “sensemaking by the masses”.
  • Unfortunately, too often we as researchers only pay lip service to #1 above.
    My own interests lie at the intersection of information technologies, social experience, and public good domains (i.e., those that require volunteer efforts by large groups of people). I focus on two areas within that intersection: developing and applying tools and techniques for analyzing these experiences, and designing novel socio-technical systems that work in public good domains.
    Note that this is inherently an interdisciplinary field
  • Our goal is to democratize the analysis of social network analysis.
  • Byu ISYS presentation_seminar

    1. 1. Technology-Mediated Social Participation BYU ISYS Seminar Feb 21, 2014 Derek L. Hansen Information Technology, BYU @shakmatt
    2. 2. Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information Human-Computer Interaction Lab
    3. 3. A World of Social Technologies
    4. 4. Technology-mediated social participation (TMSP) “The goal is to create new architectures for the online public spaces that energize the population to contribute to vital community and national priorities” - IEEE Computer, Nov. 2010
    5. 5. TMSP Examples
    6. 6. Building the Kingdom via TMSP Please join & help shape our new BYU LDS Tech Chapter: http://groups
    7. 7. Socio-Technical Systems Cognitive-Technical System How a Cockpit Remembers its Speed Hutchins, Edwin Social-Technical System
    8. 8. Research on TMSP • Goals: (1) Improve the world! (2) Develop generalizable knowledge in the process • Research opportunities: –Develop New Theories of TMSP –Design Novel Technologies & methods to support & analyze TMSP systems
    9. 9. Research Opportunities & Strategies • Develop tools & methods to study TMSP • Examine extraordinary socio-technical systems • Develop & test novel socio-technical interventions in field studies Note: Images hyperlink to additional resources
    10. 10. Making sense of social data New Tools to explore relational data New Methods & Visualizations for Exploring social experience Techniques for Gaining Insight
    11. 11. Examine Extraordinary Socio-Technical Systems
    12. 12. Develop & Test novel TMSP Interventions
    13. 13. Places to Publish • • • • • ACM – CHI ACM – CSCW (and GROUP) ICWSM Domain-Specific Journals IEEE - Social Computing
    14. 14. Collaboration Opportunities • With IT Department – Human-Computer Interaction – Cybersecurity • Interdisciplinary Courses – Socio-technical design course (515R – this Spring!) – Web and Social Media Analytics (515R  570) – Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (555) – Advanced Web Technologies (510)
    15. 15. Questions & Discussion Derek L. Hansen Information Technology, BYU @shakmatt