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Tudou Policy Primer

  1. 1. Tudou.comPolicy Primer Made by Mo Zhou
  2. 2. Tudou.com Policy Primer by Mo Zhou is licensed under a CreativeCommons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 UnportedLicense.Based on a work athttp://www.slideshare.net/shakiramomo/net-503-tudou-policy-primer
  3. 3. Everyone can get access to Youtube (Shortcut image from Youtube Homepage)Except those who are in Mainland China ifnot using proxy(Helft,2009).
  4. 4. Then which website do they use? Tudou.com is one of their choice.(Shortcut image from Tudou.com homepage)
  5. 5. Tudou promotes: (Image from Flikr.com uploaded by Aether Wu) “Everyone can be the director of the life”.
  6. 6. Here comes the question:(Image from Flickr.com uploaded by Oberazzi)
  7. 7. Do the users have the grasp ofguildlines and rules beforestepping into their directors’ lifeat Tudou.com?
  8. 8. If NOT,… USER AGREEMENT Check It Out … NOW!(Shortcut Image from Tudou about Registration)
  9. 9. As a user, you can upload: Music Animation Text Images Audio & video(Tudou.com’s Service,2010)
  10. 10. Morever“ You bear the entire liability for the contents uploaded and disseminated by using Tudou’s service” (Tudou.com’s Service, 2010).
  11. 11. Meanwhile, AuthoriseYOU Tudou• the right to use Your content• the right to send you commercial information (Tudou.com’s Service,2010)
  12. 12. If the following issues arise, Tudou bears No responsibility !Backgroud image from Flickr uploaded by codyshuttleworth
  13. 13. Illegal/ unauthorized use of YOUR account and passwordContents uploaded cannot be acquired/browsed by others
  14. 14. If seeing unsuitable/offensive/unpleasant content To what extent the content will be regared as offensive and unsuitable? Great Firewall of China
  15. 15. Great Firewall of China, afiltering system to blocksensitive content of InternetconnectionsIn Mainland China (August,2007).
  16. 16. “When an authoritarian regimembraces and adjusts to theinevitabe changes brought by digitalcommunication, the result if what Icall ‘networked authoritarianism’”(MacKinnon, 2011).
  17. 17. The results after searching “Chen Guangcheng ” Tudou: No result (Shortcut image from Tudou about search results of “Chen Guangcheng”)Youtube:A lot of . (Shortcut image from Youtube about search results of “Chen Guangcheng”)
  18. 18. It can be concluded that… The search results has reflected the policy of Internet regulation in Mainland China and proved that the website Tudou.com is also under the supervision of Great Firewall of China.
  19. 19. If the services are NOT available/appropriate outside Mainland China(User Agreement, 2010)Example : This video cannot be streamed outside Mainland China, for the copyright reason”. (Shortcut Image from Tudou about search result of “Beijing Youths”)
  20. 20. What about ? ?(Image from Flickr uploaded by MikeBlogs)
  21. 21. (Shortcut Image from Tudou about Copyright Policy) Users can adoptCopyright Complaint Procedures to report Any copyright infringement
  22. 22. “All of the rights of any software used by Tudou.com to providenetwork services shall belong to the copyright owner of suchsoftware. Without permission of the copyright owner of suchsoftware, you shall not reverse engineer, decompile ordisassemble such software or otherwise discover its origial codes”(Copyright Policy,2012).
  23. 23. AnyTudou work has DELETE Involved the Copyrightsolely Infringement right to WITHOUT prior notice (Copyright Policy,2010b). (Image from Flickr uploaded by Spojení )
  24. 24. (Image from Flickr uploaded by Micah Sittig) (Imaged from Flickr uploaded by shelisrael1) After its merger with Youku.com in March this year(About Us, 2012)
  25. 25. NOT ALL the videos can be viewed,which is a big difference compared to the past.
  26. 26. When searching the movie Inception in Tudou’s database (Shortcut image from Tudou about search results about Inception) Tudou does NOT have the content of Inception. We advise you to go to Youku.com to watch it.
  27. 27. In addition Be aware of the circumstances that result inAccount Cancellation: . . (Original Image from Flickr uploaded byJohan Larsson)
  28. 28. • “Do NOT log on within consecutive 180 days”• “Uploading content offensive/unsuitable/infringing copyright”• “Using others’ name or unsuitable words to register” (User Agreement, 2010).
  29. 29. It is YOU who shouldbe responsible for allthe behaviours atTudou.com.
  30. 30. If do NOT agree with any statement above DO NOT USE TUDOU.COM!(Original image from Flickr uploaded by 05com)
  31. 31. If you are happy with ALL the rulesSTART YOUR creative life at Tudou.com ! (Original image from Flickr uploaded by Jem Yoshioka)
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