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Educational guidance


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Educational guidence in perspective of psychology

Published in: Education
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Educational guidance

  1. 1. Shakila Bano
  2. 2. Guidance  Guidance is an act, process or system of guiding, assisting, instructing, showing the way, providing direction or advice to an individual in problematic situation.
  3. 3. Educational Guidance  Educational Guidance is a cooperation that counselor offers to students in improving their life view point, decision making and taking responsibility.  Methods of Guidance: Personal meeting School record Interview Extra curriculum activities
  4. 4. Guidance Services  Orientation  Occupational Information  Counseling  Student Activities  Placement  Follow Up  Referral Services  Remedial Services
  5. 5. Orientation  Orientation is a meeting at which introductory information or training is provided to people embarking on something new, e.g. a course of study.  Educational Orientation is an introductory annual event program, a set of activities or workshop, held prior to the beginning of each academic year to familiarizes new students with the campus and campus life.
  6. 6. Occupational Info.  Students are provided work and job related information. In those are:  About higher education  About institutions of city, country or abroad  About professions  About educational programs
  7. 7. Counseling  In counseling, Opinions, directions, advice are provided by professional and experts counselors to the students to assist them in academic, vocational and personal matters such as career planning etc.  Types of counseling  Clinical  Psychological  Non-directive  Educational  Crises  Vocational  Developmental  Directive
  8. 8. Student Activities  In guidance different type of co-curricular activities are suggested for student. Student possess individual difference i.e. slow, fast and medium pacers.  These activities are managed in:  Classroom  Playgrounds  Library  Home
  9. 9. Placement  Placement guidance is provided in placing students in:  Particular projects  Posts  Programs  Groups
  10. 10. Follow Up  Follow up means to act or make further investigations on the basis of information received.  Guidance is provided to the students on the basis of their previous information.  A book, film, article or report is provided as a source information in a continuous process.
  11. 11. Referral Services  Referral is an act or process of referring somebody or something to somebody else. It is a request for the shifting of responsibility.  In educational guidance if the problem of a student is complicated, it should be referred to the concern or person for effective treatment.  Following persons can be referred according to the nature of problem:  Subject specialist  Psychiatrist  Counselor  Doctor
  12. 12. Remedial Services  Remedial services are provided to students in their persistent problems.  For example:  Skill  Improvement  Learning