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  1. 1. HAMBURGERA hamburger is a processed food like a sandwich or beefsandwich bonded as steak, cooked on the grill or grill, but canalso be fried or baked. Outside of speaking is more common tofind the name burger. It comes in a light bread halved having ahemispherical shape. Often accompanied by onion rings, lettuce,some tomato slice, pickles sheets, etc.They usually dress with some seasoning such as: ketchup,mustard, relish, mayonnaise, etc. In the event that put a sheet ofprocessed cheese becomes a cheeseburger (cheeseburger)Sometimes referred to two: the "yellow burger "(yellowburger ).
  2. 2. The hamburger name also applies exclusively to beef steak. Theinvention of the hamburger sandwich in the nineteenth century iscontroversial, and several authors have attributed the first to havebeen wearing a beef steak ("Hamburger steak") between twobuns.
  3. 3. History:There are two theories explaining his birth. A indicates that thisdish, based on a piece of ground beef mixed with onion andcooked on the grill, which is placed between two slices of breadas a sandwich, comes from Hamburg, Germany.The following historical data about the first burger recipe comingfrom the gastronomy of Mongol and Turkish tribes, who in thefourteenth century and biting into strips of meat from cattle lowquality to make it edible. The ground beef recipe comes toGermany through the Tartars from Russia (Steak Tartare), eatingraw meat and flavored with spices.
  4. 4. The word comes from the city of Hamburg in Germany, Europeslargest port at the time. They were later German immigrants ofthe late nineteenth century who introduced in the United Statesthe dish called "American-style steak Hamburg».The first hamburger chain in the world was called White Castlewas founded in Wichita (Kansas) in 1921 by A. cocineroWalterAnderson and E. broker W. Ingram whose scope was U.S.Midwest.
  5. 5. INGREDIENTS:One can say that a hamburger is a sandwich of ground beef towhich have been gradually adding various attributes:condiments, garnishes, and others. The evolution of this food hasmade it taken at the end of a set, and also throughout its historyhas been adding different content, such as bacon, Americancheese, lettuce, pickles, etc..
  6. 6. This now makes the burger is sometimes understood more as amenu as a food ingredient compound. Its popularity is largely dueto the ease of preparation, simplicity at the time of ingestion:without special dishes or cutlery.
  7. 7. Preparation:A minced meat tends to be added any substance binder is suitablycompact and can be easier to swallow, such as egg, bread crumbs.Ground beef should be handled with extreme care because it cancarry bacteria that contaminate the meat and cause foodpoisoning. It is for this reason that the meat should do as much aspossible and to reach a temperature of 90 º C inside• Fried: Usually dumped the pieces in a pan containing hot oiland fry until they leave the mince can gain the desired point (seealso: meat temperature). It is the method using the fast-food chainMcDonalds
  8. 8. • Grilling: In this case the meat is usually done directly over theheat source. It is the most common in family barbecues. Thiscooking method is that employing the chain Burger King.The difference is in the final flavor depends on the tastes youprefer one method over another.