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Mumford & Sons


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Mumford & Sons

  1. 1. Mumford & Sons How Does Their Website Reflect Our Target Audience?
  2. 2. Website Homepage The homepage boasts the band’s name; printed at the top of the screen to clearly show the audience their favourite band. The latest band news is along the left; indicating that many of M&S’ fans are part of a digital age; people who live in a time of technological convergence and have regular access to the internet. M&S are therefore shown as a modern band. Furthermore; the band’s latest upcoming live shows are shown on the homepage; suggesting that many of M&S’ fan base are those who enjoy music festivals. The website is a dark black colour; showing a clean, modern take on M&S attempts to appeal to their audiences. This relates to our target audience; people who enjoy festivals, and are up to date people who use technology everyday as an integral life part.
  3. 3. CD Artworks M&S’ debut album – Sigh No More – ‘s cover was of the four members of the band standing in a shop window. The shop itself appears to be on a small street in a town; giving the impression of a band who come from a country background, which is reflected in their music. The building they are stood in is a bright white, along with the pavement. To their audience it says that M&S are a shade different from the generic blues and greens of the neighbouring buildings – metaphorical of other bands – and that they are not afraid of expanding on the folk genre; bringing it into a different light than previously shown. The font is reminiscent of a manuscript print; connoting that music is M&S’ sole focus is music, plus it gives the sense of home-grown music – that the members of this band have written every song themselves from experiences that they have encountered. The album cover reflects our intended one perfectly; with the image providing a subliminal message about the band. Furthermore, the target audience should be searching for a band that takes a twist on a semi-mainstream music genre, like our band does.
  4. 4. This album cover gives a traditional taste to M&S’ music; having stallions race towards the audience. It implies an old-western tone to M&S as if their objective in music were to create not only folk but classic country music also. Vintage traits are seen nowadays as a fashion trait; explaining it’s inclusion on the album cover. This album cover is for a vinyl copy of a CD. This shows that M&S are conscious of adding a vintage side to their music also; showing middle-class ideologies within their target audience. Both these album covers reflect our audience very well; as they would be interested in vintage items, and are generally particularly middle class.
  5. 5. Website Merchandise The badges show M&S’ audience as those who like to show off their music taste in subtle ways, but who are also proud of their music taste. This suits our audience; as they are not too blatant about their music taste, but are still proud. The bag shows M&S’ audience as a bold fan base; people who want to proclaim their love for their band to others; and wanting them to be the biggest act in the world. This differs from our target audience; as they are more subtle in their love for the band, and want them to remain exclusive – not worldwide. This t-shirt is another way for fans to show their love for M&S, and it says to other people that the music that they play is now part of a fashion craze; showing the band’s expansion into modern culture.