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New 7 QC Tool-Module 1 | Affinity diagram


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The affinity diagram is one among the New 7 Quality Contol tools, helps to categorize the same type of ideas or issues. Affintiy diagram process the same type of subjective data in a particular category.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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New 7 QC Tool-Module 1 | Affinity diagram

  1. 1. Facilities Over crowded Dock No place for returns Not enough fork trucks People Insufficient training Team not used properly Shipping turnover Inexperienced supervisors System Computer failures Engineering changes Errors on bill of ladding Not enough fork trucks Insufficient training Engineering Changes No place for returns Computer failures Over crowded dock Shipping turnover Team not used properly Error on bill of ladding Inexperienced supervisors Affinity Diagram Affinity Diagram/ New 7 QC Tools Shakehand with Life