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Briancheong resume

  1. 1. Submission Date 2013-01-22 23:55:24Full Name (Please write yourfamily name in capitalletters)Brian Cheong WeiquanGender MaleDate of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) 15/09/1989Nationality SingaporeanNRIC/FIN S8931460GE-mail cheongwq@gmail.comMobile 96409770Home Address Pasir Ris Dr 6 Block 408 #12-435 Singapore(510408)Name of awarding institution UOLCourse Name (e.g. BScAccounting and Finance, etc.)BSc BusinessYear of Study Year TwoHow did you first hear aboutAIESEC?EmailWord of MouthPersonal Photo Brian_passportphoto_mid.jpgAcademic Qualifications(Please indicate name ofschool/university, coursetitle, start-end dates, fromhigh school/JC/Polytechnicuntil now .)Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Film and MediaStudies, Dip. n Mass Comunication (Apr 2006 - Mar2009)Major Achievements/Awards(Please indicate the title andyear of achievements.)EAGLES Award (2005)Harnessing Youth for Social Enterprise HYSE (2005)Military Service: Honour Graduate from SpecialistCadet School (2010)Best Commander in Company (Nov 2010)Past Working Experience(Please indicate name oforganization, position, start-end dates.)Standard Chartered, Administrative Assistant (Apr2009 - Aug 2009)Military Service (NS), Platoon Sergeant (2009 -2011)Starbucks Coffee Company, Barista (Sept 2011 -Sept 2012)Past Co-curricular Activities Boy Scouts (Rover Scout), Patrol Leader - Asst1
  2. 2. (Please indicate name ofclub/society, designation,start-end dates.)Scout Leader (2002 - 2009)Film and Media Studies Society, Logistics Head(2007 - 2009)State the currentorganisations/ clubs/ part-time job that you arecurrently in or intending tojoin. Please include theposition held and level ofinvolvement(if any).Current: AXA Life Insurance, Financial Consultant(Sept 2012 - Present)SIM Windsurfing Club (Weekend Sailing)What programme are youlooking to participate in?Management Experience Programme + GlobalCommunity Development Programme ($515) [Pleasecomplete both Part 5 and Part 6 in the applicationform.]The Management ExperienceProgramme allows anindividual to engage anddevelop in 4 types ofexperience. Split 100%across the followingexperiences, where a higherpercentage indicates a higherinterest in developing thatparticular experience andlower percentage indicates alower interest. The sum of all4 experiences should total100%Leadership Experience = 30Organisational Experience = 10Networking Experience = 40International Experience = 20Total: 100Choose 3 areas you wish todevelop the most throughyour participation in AIESEC:Personal / Professional DevelopmentLearning about social / economic issuesConferences / Seminars / WorkshopsPlease indicate the skillset(s) you would like tofurther develop. (You maychoose more than one)LeadershipMarketing and SalesCorporate Communication and NetworkingPresentation SkillsPublicity and Events CoverageWhich functional teams inAIESEC you would like tojoin? Choose 3 from the list.Please read through the MEPbooklet to understand thedetails of each department.External Relations-explore partnership oppotunitiesand develop possible collaborations.Global Talent Supply-customer relationsmanagement with existing partners and humanresource management of incoming exchangeparticipants.Youth Marketing-external and internal marketing tothe student population in SIM about our AIESECproduct.What are the reasons for thechoices of all 3 functionalteams? For each choice, justprovide brief reason within 2lines.External Relations: To help engage with externalparties to provide AIESECers the chance to raisetheir potentialGlobal Talent Supply: Would like to explore how tosupport external organisations in international talentacquisition further.2
  3. 3. Youth Marketing: Past experiences learned inBranding and Marketing from my time during mydiploma studies, would very much enjoy contributingin this key aspect.Do you have any specialskills? If any, pleasespecify.(for example:Photoshop/visual designskills etc.)Editing, Journalism, Photography, Image Editing(explicitly not Graphic Design)The Global CommunityDevelopment Programmeallows an individual toengage and develop in 5types of experience. Split100% across the followingexperiences, where a higherpercentage indicates a higherinterest in developing thatparticular experience andlower percentage indicates alower interest. The sum of all5 experiences should total100%Cultural Immersion = 20Social Impact = 30Personal Development = 20International Friendship = 20Support System = 10Total: 100When do you prefer to go forthe Global CommunityDevelopment Programme?(You may choose more thanone)July 2013Where would you like to gofor the Global CommunityDevelopment Programme?Central and Eastern EuropePlease select your availableinterview timeslots forinterview days. (You arestrongly encourage tochoose more than one to inorder to facilitate interviewarrangement). Time intervalincludes actual interview andbuffer time.1130-1300, 26th Jan(Sat)1300-1430, 26th Jan(Sat)1430-1600, 26th Jan(Sat)1130-1300, 27th Jan(Sun)1300-1430, 27th Jan(Sun)1430-1600, 27th Jan(Sun)Please select your availabletimeslots for ContractSigning ( This is to schedulein advance. For applicantswho has successfully passedthe interview, they willreceive another confirmationmail after).1830-1900, 29th Jan(Tue)1900-1930, 29th Jan(Tue)1830-1900, 30th Jan(Wed)1900-1930, 30th Jan(Wed)Please tick the availabilitiesto attend the followingevents.Induction Day - 2nd Feb (Sat)3
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