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Risk assessment


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Published in: Education
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Risk assessment

  1. 1. RISK ASSESSMENT HAZARD IN WHICH SCENE IS THIS HAZARD PRESENT? PERSON WHO MAY BE HARMED PROPERTY THAT COULD BE DAMAGED RISK CONTROLS ALREADY INPLACE RISK ASSESSMENT *See chart FURTHER ACTION TO BE TAKEN Traffic FirstScene and FourthScene Actors andCamera Person Electrical Equipment None Low Stay awayfrom and try to avoidthe road. If there isa needtowalkon the road, thenuse precautionand walkwhenthe road isclear. Weather All Scenes Nobody Electrical Equipment None Low Make sure that equipmentisnot usedinunsuitable weatherconditions, inorder to avoid complications. If weatheris unsuitable for filming,thenfilming mustbe delayed. Mud FirstScene,Fifth Scene andSixth Scene Actors Clothes None Low Stay awayfrom the muddyareasin orderto prevent injury byslippingon
  2. 2. the mud. Bystanders FirstScene None None None Low Some people may be in the area when we go to filmour footage,sowe will have to ask themto leave the area brieflywhilstwe go and filmthe footage. Tree SixthScene Actors Clothes None High Whenclimbingthe tree,make sure not to climbtoohigh because incase of falling,the damage to the actors self will be significantly reducedandnot cause any major fractures.Worst case scenariowould be a minorfracture. SmashedGlass Actors None None Moderate Whenwe smashthe glass,we needto throwit ina directionthat causesminimal risk of harming anybody.Firstly,we needtothrow itin a way that won’t harm anyone when the glassis smashed
  3. 3. and secondly,we needtomake sure that we do not cause harm to ourselvesafterwe throwthe glassthat isshatteredall over the flour.
  4. 4. Risk AssessmentChart Hazard likelihood/Consequences RISK ASSESSMENT VERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES(ie.Someone couldget seriouslyhurt) EXTREME Couldhappenormildconsequences(i.e.someone couldsufferaminor injury) HIGH Unlikelytohappenorminorconsequences(i.e.productioncouldbe slightly delayed) MODERATE Rarelyhappensandveryinsignificantconsequences LOW