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Surah al qasas


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Surah al qasas

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Purpose of Quranic stories.• Political Approach/Policy of Pharaoh ----- discrimination, class system• Genocide of Israelites – Sibti• Allah’s Sunnah --- Favor the oppressed and weak, rehabilitate them and eradicate oppressorsand arrogant
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters Wing• Role of Musa(AS)’s Mother ---- Tawakul Ilallah• Role of Musa(AS)’s Sister ---- Intelligence, wit, Protecting the brother, taking care of mom --- Acaring, nourishing sibling• Pharaohs scheme and his destiny ---- Allah’s scheme for Musa(As)’s protection and training.
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• Reward of Mohsineen -- Wisdom and knowledge -- Hukum implies wisdom, understanding andpower of judgment• Both religious and worldly knowledge. The Prophet Moses became familiar with the teachings ofDeen through his contact with his parents, and with the sciences prevalent in Egypt by virtue ofhis training as a prince in the kings palace.
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters Wing• Supplication ---- Ayah 16, 17 ---- Accidental murder and Repentance• Supplication ---- Ayah 21
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• Musa(AS)’s journey to Madyan --- Helping two women’s at the well.• Modest women ---- Avoiding the crowd, waiting instead of jumping in between crowd of men --- nota sexist but modest, dignified approach• Dialogues between Musa(AS) and two women’s --- To the point talk, code of conduct• Supplication Ayah 24 --- Tawakul Ilallah• Modest walk -- Character of those women and noble & gentle behavior of Musa(AS) - Role Models
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:• Musa(AS)’s journey back to Egypt with his family ---- Role of a wife to support Husband’s strugglein establishment of Deen ---- Receiving prophet hood• Pharaohs order to Haman to build a tall palace so he can meet Musa’s God --- An unseriousattitude to befool his subjects --- Taunting and comedy in order to suppress effect of Truth• Russia’s same claim during launch of Sputnik aircraft --- Fatality of Russia and Pharaoh• Pharaoh will lead his nation/ followers towards Hell fire on the day of Judgment
  7. 7. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• Surah Qasas --- Detail events description of Historical stories in Quran are proof of Rasollah’sProphet hood.• Attitude of people who rejected Truth is always same --- Following their lusts• Purpose of admonition --- Awakenment from negligence, Follow the Guidance, take heed
  8. 8. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Five characteristics of the People of Book who submit and convert to Islam ---- steadfastness,patience, they repel evil with good, spend from which Allah provided them, when they hear anyvain talk, they turn away from it.• Two meanings of Guidance --- Change in heart and mind, inclination towards acceptance of Islam--- Directing towards the object point/goal after Iman
  9. 9. ICNA Sisters Wing• Reason/Excuse of surcease towards guidance --- Fear of losing political hold and economicaltranquilness --- We have the same excuse today.• Nothing in this world is enduring ---- Adornments of this world are temporary
  10. 10. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 7:• One who is running after this world will be arraigned at the day of Judgment (forcibly)• Ask for Good both Here and Hereafter -- What do we want and with whom we are impressed?• Worshipper and one who is being worshipped other than Allah both are slave of their own desires.• First question with Polytheist will be about Shirk and second about Prophet hood.• Negation of Shirk ---- Rationale on Almightiness of Allah through system of this universe.
  11. 11. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 8:• Example of Qaroon --- Allah bestowed him with His blessing but his behavior is arrogance andself conceit• Admonishment to Qaroon --- Do not exult, Spend your wealth in Allah’s way , don’t abject others,Fulfill the rights of fellow human beings, Allah has bestowed you with His blessing now you beobedient to Him and serve humanity , adopt the path of moderation, use the wealth, skills andresources Allah provided Here and Hereafter
  12. 12. ICNA Sisters Wing• Creating or causing social in equality is Fasad Fil Ardh --- Not fulfilling rights of Human beings• Crime of Qaroon --- Ingratitude, arrogance, inequity, dishonesty and corruption• My skills, my accomplishment, my proficiency, my experience --- We have to avoid this attitude.• Dot be boastful of your capabilities, beauty, adolescence, achievements of kids or spouse
  13. 13. ICNA Sisters Wing• Desire of seeking this world after spotting glitter and high life of others --- Evaluate our selves• Success in Hereafter will be the real success = Iman + Righteous deeds + patience• We have to check our level of patience and contentment --- What success we want?• Knowledgeable person is the one who act upon his knowledge.• System of distribution of Sustenance --- Will of Allah, only Allah knows the wisdom
  14. 14. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 9:• Fasad Fil Ardh = Not fulfilling rights of Allah and Human beings.• The best blessing and mercy is blessing of Quran --- Evaluate your self before Quran and afterQuran --- How can we appreciate and honor this blessing?• Allah’s enjoinment to Rasolallah(SAW) and us --- Evade from Shirk, obedience towards Allahscommands, Conveying the message of Islam to others• Leaving the responsibility of Dawa is supporting unbelievers.