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Surah al furqan


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Surah al furqan

  1. 1. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 1:• Al-Furqan : The Criterion for judging right and wrong virtue and vice, truth and falsehood.• Rasolallah(SAW) ---- Abd ---- Servant of Allah• Allah has appointed an exact measure for everything ---- Law of destiny• Criterion for Godhood/ Divinity ---- The partners they associate do not fulfill on any criterion• Quran itself is a miracle.
  2. 2. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 2:• Picture of Hell ---- boxing up in a narrow place• Comparative review of consequent of Muslim’s who believe in Hereafter and disbelievers.• ---- Not just idols but the angels, the prophets, the saints, the martyrs and the piousmen, whom the mushriks of different communities have made their deities.• Messengers, believers & disbelievers all are tests for each other --- Divine wisdom --- How?• Tests for believers --- Be patient on persecution, un reasonable arguments & mockery of disbelievers.
  3. 3. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 3:• Three times when angels can be seen ---- Chastisement, death, Here after• Ayah 27 ---- Good and bad company and its effects --- How we have as friends?• Making Quran an object of laughter ---- ---- Forgotten, forsake, abandon ---- did notregard the Quran as worthy of their consideration, neither accepted it nor followed it.
  4. 4. ICNA Sisters Wing• The criminals will always oppose the Truth and become enemies as Messengers invites peopletowards Allah’s obedience rather than theirs.• Tawakul Ilallah.• Wisdom behind gradual revelation of Quran in 23 years ---- strengthen heart, conviction andimbue it with courage, memorize perfectly, its teachings may be impressed deeply on theminds, answer the objections at the moment.
  5. 5. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 4:• Looking at historical remains with didactic approach.• Making Lusts and desires God ----- Of all the false gods being worshipped and served, instead ofAllah, the worst in the sight of Allah is ones own lust.• One who are slaves of their desires ---- Their condition is worse than cattle.• Momin has his desires under control, he stand firm.
  6. 6. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 5:• The pleasant effects of gradual increase and decrease of shadows.• Allah’s sign in sleep.• Relationship between causes and effects and their being subject to Allah’s will.• Recognize Allah with His blessings ---- Attitude of Thankfulness, evade ingratitude
  7. 7. ICNA Sisters Wing• Jihad with Quran(its propagation) is the greatest Jihad --- Dawa with speech & pen through Quran.• Sweet, bitter, palatable, saltish , warm and cold sea water ---- Ayah 53 scientific miracle• Two sorts of kindred: by descent and by marriage ---- Balance with respect --- Fulfill the Rights
  8. 8. ICNA Sisters WingRuku No 6:• Difference between Light of Sun and Moon.• 13 Characteristics of Ibad ur Rahman --- 5 do’s and 9 donts1. True servants ---- Obedient, full submission2. Walk on earth humble, forbiddance of arrogant walk( Person’s walk reflect his thoughts)3. Avoid ignorant, foolish and twist discussion --- Say Salam and move away4. Remembrance of Allah at night(Tahajjud) -- Safeguard from Show off and closeness to Allah
  9. 9. ICNA Sisters Wing5. Ayah 65, 66 --- Supplication --- Hope and fear both ---- Requirement of Faith6. Moderation in spending ---- Avoid extravagance and miserliness --- What is the Islamic way?7. Abstinence from Shirk ---- Do not invoke any other God other than Allah8. Do not take any life unjustly which Allah has forbidden.9. Do not commit adultery. ---- Double punishment for Shirk, unjust killing, adultery. Islam = Faith+action --- Advantages/conditions of Repentance(changing evil deeds into good)
  10. 10. ICNA Sisters Wing10. Do not bear witness to any falsehood ---- No false testimony, never be a spectator to false11. If they pass by absurd things(indecency), pass by it with dignity.12. Take the admonition from recitation of Quran ---- Pay heed, ponder and act upon it.13. Trying to make spouse and kids righteous too and praying for its successAyah 74 ---- Supplication ---- How can anybody becomes coolness for others eyes ?